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What a perfect morning!!!  The terrible storms that came through the central section of the U.S. in the past few days finally brought us some rain.  I waited all night, waking up periodically to see if it was raining yet.  I positively love thunderstorm while I’m sleeping, and since there was no threat of really dangerous weather, it was going to be wonderful if it actually happened!  So often we find we live in a bubble where the line of storms part like the Red Sea just before they come through our area infuriating us to no end—especially when we need to run our lawn irrigation more frequently than advised by the county. 

This morning at 6:00 Pierce appeared in our room to snuggle between us, and 15 minutes later Mikey followed.  We began to see a little bit of lightning and hear some distant thunder, then one really bright strike with a huge crash.  Pierce required a little comforting on Daddy’s part after that one.  But then…that was it…a little more rain and crazy wind, but that major storm system that took lives in other parts of the country had diminished to a thin strand of water, wind and electricity that sped through here in 30 minutes.  It’s going to be chilly today right on the heels of almost 90 degrees and eerily balmy yesterday.  I have the windows open for the breeze to move through the house, and it is delightful!

Yesterday, Daddy took Michael with him to do some things, and I stayed with Pierce.  It was so beautiful outside, that we decided to take a walk—by walk, I mean that I actually let Pierce walk.  There is a dock and a gazebo about a half-mile away where we can go to feed the ducks.  I honestly don’t know why I don’t bring the boys down there more often… We didn’t have an agenda, so I didn’t know that’s where we would end up.  Not bringing any food we didn’t make great friends with the ducks.  We walked in the grass along the back wall the subdivision on the lake rather than on the sidewalk by the street.  Pierce is pretty good about not darting off, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

 Here is the list of cool things we saw:  (Other than this rundown of the past 24 hours, I don’t have anything else to tell, so hopefully you aren’t bored!)

  • The biggest Basset Hound I’ve ever seen with its owner.
  • The biggest snot globs and saliva globs I’ve ever seen flying through the air and landing on the nearby sidewalk, and probably my pants (I was afraid to check, especially in front of its beloved human) when the dog shook and undulated like a lava lamp.
  • Wildflowers,
  • Not so wild flowers (the ones hanging over the brick wall from people’s back yards—I see these a fair game for the picking if they grow over the fence and the owner isn’t sitting in their backyard and seeing me help myself.)
  • A tiny dead snake
  • Dog poop
  • Acorns, seed pods, and pinecones
  • A pet’s water dish (presumably to feed a stray cat since it was outside the fence)
  • A pretty rose bud
  • Some other starflower type vine that smelled wonderful.
  • Orange Blossoms
  • A turtle hoping for some food
  • Many, many Ibis
  • Muscovy Ducks (the black and white ones with the weird red growth on their faces that looks like a turkey gobbler.)
  • About six lazy Mallard ducks sleeping in the grass—all males—not a female in sight—I guess they had nothing better to do without a little feminine companionship–if you know what I mean.
  • Several white ducks.  They were sort of tame at the thought of food, but when they realized we were empty-handed, they showed us their tail feathers.
  • A white duck with an afro.
  • A couple of white ducks with some brown spots—maybe they were going bad…
  • I guy with a bunch of tattoos and no shirt on.
  • Pretty Live Oaks and Maples
  • Water…
  • And a few other versions of water fowl that I can’t name.
  • A tree dressed in lovely lavender blossoms.
  • A tree shedding its yellow blossoms.

Then we came back…very distractedly and slowly, stopping to tell me that someone was piddling in his diaper–(yeah, we’re still doing that) but it was a good time…