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It’s too funny…I post something that feels like filler for my daily promise to myself to write, and people like it…who knew?  When I think I am way clever, and everyone should be applauding my wit and the ability to put it all through my keyboard to (faux) paper, it sometimes falls flat.  May god help me find the formula to please all of you!!!!!

Today, I went to the gym again.  I chose an elliptical in hopes that it might be a little easier, and it was.  First of all it is easier to retrieve anything that I might drop between it and the one next to it because it doesn’t have sides.  Also, the TV was much better, AND I found HGTV.  Disaster DIY was on with Bryan Baumler, whom I find very knowledgeable but also funny.  It killed 40 minutes relatively well.  The operative word being “relatively”, because let’s face it, I had to put my towel over the clock so that I wouldn’t be counting the minutes, and I kept lowering the resistance until I was practically floating.  I never checked my pulse because I figured what I didn’t know wouldn’t kill me.  It didn’t…really…

Anyway, watching Disaster DIY and exercising gave me the energy and the need to do something productive and necessary—I decided to redo the caulk in our shower.  I like doing things on my terms…not finding out that I need rip out my tile and replace everything because of neglect, and being hit with a huge remodeling bill.  Enough of life can take you by surprise, at least I have a certain amount of control over this.

If there is one thing (and only one thing) that Greg can complain about with me, it’s my champagne taste on a beer budget, however I try to make up for it by being the man around the house and doing the “honey-do” list.  So I got out my utility knife, some weird sickle-shaped hand tool (My Dad told me later that it was a linoleum cutter), a scraper and a couple more odd, but possible useful tools.  Let me tell ya—that is a sucky job!!  Pulling out the old caulking at all the seams, and making sure that there is a clean surface is a real b!%&(#!  I was at it for three hours, easily, and I still won’t know if it was good enough until after we’ve used the shower for a while and it doesn’t grow mildew at the edges.  Then I got out the caulk—Greg had fun with that one.  I was worried I wouldn’t have enough—(Greg had fun with that one, too.)  I did.  Barely.  Then I had to wipe off all of the excess, and clean up the bathroom.  It looks better, but there are still some stained grout joints that I don’t have the nerve to tackle.  The good part is that the shower walls seem sound, and it looks marginally improved.  It the meantime, my right hand looks like it was put through a meat grinder with all the cuts and scratches that I got from my manual labor—I even took the equivalent of a bamboo shoot under the nail on my “bird-flipping” finger when I got a piece of broken grout shoved under it.  I thought I had bent the nail up under itself, but have no fear, it was just a nice sharp piece of cement. 

While I was doing this, my wife went to the store, bought the fixin’s for a good meal, and then came home, prepared everything and fired up the grill.  When I was done with my hideous task, I came out to wings, asparagus and corn all grilled and dressed perfectly.  It was divine!!!

Oh well…it’s done, forever!  The next time I do anything to that shower besides clean it, all that crap is coming out of there, and I am getting one big, giant tile for all three sides!  I wonder if Bryan Baumler would have thought I did a good job?