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Oh…no…Greg has come down with a cold.  He’s a tough guy, so he’s going to work anyway in hopes of causing all of his coworkers to get sick, too.  The fact that we had a repeat of the night-before-last with Pierce arriving in our bed in the thin hours before dawn and Mikey turning up a little later—sleep quality was once again compromised.  I am sure that all of these factors plus the full moon have contributed to Greg’s lengthy patience and cheerful attitude this morning.  He’s a positive delight!  It’s probably good he’s going to work (at least for me…hehe…)

I read the funniest post ever by She’s a Maineiac about her husband when he gets sick.  Here’s the link:


I can’t bring myself to write a post that honest and funny about the men in our lives getting sick and their strength and courage to power through.  Mostly because I’d be in the proverbial dog house.

Men are funny, though…they definitely shut down at home when they don’t feel well.  Women, when they become moms, no longer have the luxury of indulging the common cold and other ailments—they have to be laid out with fevers of 103 and dizzy spells that won’t allow them to stand without getting a concussion.  All I know is that in my next life I’m coming back as the weaker sex—you know—the one with the third leg.