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 I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get more traffic to my blog, and where I can post it that I may ultimately be able to have some advertisers and thus some income.  I have paid Stumble Upon to funnel specific stumblers to my blog, and I’ve decided to have a very small go at advertising on Facebook for 30 days, but I know that through wordpress.com we cannot have advertisers on our blogs.  I understand this since it’s free, but if the ultimate goal is to hit the writing lotto, what next? 

So I checked out parenting blogs and magazines, but it seems they want information of some use—like the best tools for teaching kids various things, how to discipline, what foods to cook for your children, resources for gifted or delayed children, etc.  I have trouble with these—I have trouble with authority…especially on expert parenting.  I also have trouble with overly controlled and overly enthusiastic parents—they scare me and frankly they make me feel like a loser.  Besides, I already said that I don’t read directions!  And I don’t want a buttload of somebody else’s fear-based criticism of various institutions, approaches to parenting, and the environment—Politics in a America has already cornered that market, and I don’t want that muckin’ up my safe place, either!  I blog for the release of stress and to find amusement in the tough stuff; and I read blogs for that reason, too.  The only ones I r am truly devoted to are almost always funny or they are a bit philosophical or spiritual.

So, I am finding, that parenting authority magazines don’t have any place for a blog by a half-assed mom/big kid that doesn’t know the first thing about how to potty train even though she’s on her second kid, or how to make herself or her children fall in love with vegetables.

Anyone got any good creative writing mags that like funny stuff on any subject matter?