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Oh the things I do that I wouldn’t have considered before I had kids—I mean for entertainment.  As I sit here typing I’m watching the third Lion King, which I didn’t even know existed until a week ago. 

Greg and I are movie snobs, and usually we like the same kind—especially sleeper films that aren’t overly commercialized and over-produced, but here I sit watching and actually enjoying a cartoon!  I used to see the advertisements for new kids movies and laugh and cringe at the poor fools who feel compelled to take their children to them.  Let’s be honest, I still do plenty of that—after all, if my kid doesn’t know it exists, I don’t have to take them to it—seems easy enough to avoid thus far.  This actually could be part of the problem as Mikey’s favorite movie for a long time was “Once” because of the music. Unfortunately, however Glen Hansard (and the rest of the Irish and their love of curse words) taught him the “f” word (at least I’m blaming him because he’s not here to defend himself).  It’s pretty funny when a four-year-old sings “Hoover Sucker Man” in as country an accent as possible. King Kong (the newest one with the dinosaurs) and all the Jurassic Parks are favorites too—especially the third one.  Once after he finished watching the first one he told me Laura Dern’s legs, where she is running in a horribly frantic scene, made his “hoo hoo” big.  Ahhhh?  What, pervert?  Needless-to-say, that rattled me a bit.  I think I shamed him enough because he doesn’t ask to watch that one as much.  No wonder the kid can’t be bothered with kindergarten—we’ve raised him like he’s already thirty.  I guess we can expect the same with Pierce since I refer to him as a roommate and request that he locks up and turns all the lights off when he puts himself to bed.

Hmmm…what movie would we like to watch next with our kids?  American History X?  The Shawshank Redemption?  Maybe Pulp Fiction?