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Pierce is coughing and full of snot AGAIN.  When he dozed off a little while ago, I snuck the nebulizer on him in hopes of helping his cough.  It worked!  He slept right through the whole breathing treatment.  Then he woke up a little later madder ‘n hops over something.  We figured stripping him naked and putting him in the bath with his brother was a sure cure for his blues.  I don’t know why, but it only made him sadder….

Bath time was short and sweet.  Both boys were put in jammies, and Pierce continued to cry.  I supposed out loud that I should go rescue him, while I was doing something else rather slowly, so Greg went and got him.  He came out with said/sad child on his shoulder, and they settled in together on his recliner where P. continued to weep heaving sobs slowly tapering to pathetic whimpers.  Finally, I asked if daddy would like a break while I try to console this poor child.  As I scoop him up to love on him a bit, he cries harder and harder like I picked him up with a chainsaw  He was having no part of it—I had to give him back to his dad especially since he was leaning toward his daddy like I was on fire.

It’s over…two years and five months…he’s switched alliances.  All I can say is that when we get rid of dad and big brother tomorrow to work and school, life is gonna get pretty hard for Mr. P!  Pretty darn hard…