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Since we brought home our two human pets, and killed off our real pets (except Flanders) our home has become the Bermuda Triangle for various toys (who cares about those) and things Dad and I like.  We used to have our main landline phone hung on the wall in the kitchen over the garbage cans…then one of the handsets disappeared never to be found again.  Hopefully it got recycled instead of heading off to the landfill.  Then I redesigned the kitchen and found it much more appealing to hang art over the phone jack.  The answering machine base has lived in a couple of places since, but it finally took up residence in the boy’s room.  I know…weird, but when we had the carpet replaced, we also lost some piece of cable that allowed us to have the base plugged into any jack in the house, now it has to be in the one where the service enters the home—which is where our home office was –before we brought home the scream-a-pillars that were protected from our killing them by the EPA and HRS.  Now they share that room…(Simpson’s fans will get the scream-a-pillar reference.)

Most of the stuff that is lost eventually shows up, but the latest disappearance disturbs me deeply.  My Dad is a wristwatch guy.  He has always loved a nice watch—not a status-y brand, but a good-looking Seiko, Bulova or Citizen.  I still have my first Seiko that he brought back to me from a naval cruise he was on when I was 13.  Greg bought me a pretty Citizen when we were first dating, and then another one that was my favorite about 10 years ago.

My brother-in-law manages a Movado store, so we had an opportunity to buy one for my “collection of timepieces” at a fraction of retail.  I got the traditional black face with the two-tone links—sporty enough for everyday.  I know Movado is like a Coach handbag—status-y because of the price, but not that status-y because every female in America has one (or several.)  The greatest thing about the watch was the sapphire crystal—worth every dime!  It NEVER scratched, and that’s usually how I christen a new watch.  I enjoyed that watch for a few years before it got dropped just perfectly by Michael.  It actually stopped working, but I thought the battery died.  So I had it replaced, and found out otherwise.  Thankfully, I have connections, and asked Kenny if he could get it repaired.  He got it replaced with a newer all silver version.  That was about a year ago…

Last Saturday, I was getting ready to get into the shower when I remember taking my watch off, but I can’t remember where I set it down in my bedroom.  All I know is that it was nowhere to be found when I got dressed.  I asked the boys, and pretty much got nonsensical gibberish for a clue.  I have looked everywhere—under furniture, in drawers, in the bed, behind the TV—it has not shown up…  Damn kids touching my stuff!  I hope it turns up and hasn’t gone off to party in the landfill with my handset and numerous remotes …Like my mom says, “One sure way to make it appear is to buy another one.”  I’m thinking that is a non-option right this minute.