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Auntie Good Times came over today—an hour-and-a-half before we needed to go get Mikey at school, otherwise we’d never get a chance to catch up.  He likes to monopolize all her attention if you haven’t already gathered that from the stories I’ve told.

Pierce came cavorting out all smiles and dimples to see her, until she asked him to give her a hug, then he became all business and ran directly into “mommy’s arms.”  It was like watching the clouds move over the sun!  It took him a while to relax.  He would be fine, and then just for fun she would ask him to look at her or give her a hug which would send him careening to where I was sitting.  Finally, he found ways to entertain us which broke the ice, like jumping off a step stool and trying to shoot hoops in his bedroom.  At this point I think gymnastics is his stronger talent, as he was pretty darn good a sticking his dismounts.

Then we left to get Michael and surprise him with Auntie waiting in the backseat.  I believe his response was, “Auntie, why are you in the car?”  Man, he’s sooooo expressive!  My sister and her daughter used to have horses that they boarded out at this nearby barn.  It’s been years, but she still knows a lot of the riders, so she goes out to visit them occasionally.  That’s where we took the boys today—to see the horses.  I bet there were about 20 that we pet and fed carrots to.  I even brought my camera!  Unfortunately, I forgot it in the car. 

It was very sandy out there which is right up Pierce’s alley.  He was more fascinated by kicking sand and running through small piles of hay that were likely spilled on the way to the paddocks.  He even managed to find mud and a puddle to jump in despite the lack of rain. 

Mikey enjoyed looking at the “beasts” especially the smallest one–a pony named Cowboy.  That reminds me—there was a tiny beast–a gray tabby cat that hangs out in the barn.  He was sweet and friendly to a point, but my boys with their highly developed sense of intuition missed the twitching tail and rigid body language that indicated that he’d had enough of their affection.  When that didn’t work, he swatted and feigned a nip or two.  This made Pierce run to me and whine with fear, and then reach in and try again.  Ultimately, I had to lead him away since he seemed to be acclimating himself too easily to an abusive feline.

Before we left, I found a gym towel in my car, thank heavens, and wet it so that the boys could have a sponge bath before they got into the backseat.  Then, naturally, Mikey had to go to the bathroom.  Why break with tradition?  Thankfully, only piddle.  I didn’t feel like walking him all the way back to the barn, so I took him to the edge of the pasture behind a horse trailer and let him “drain the snake” like a real cowboy.  He hasn’t learned how to drive that thing without taking his pants and underwear down to his knees yet, so I got mooned.

On our way home, we took the boys through the McDonald’s drive thru that took so long, we had to entertain ourselves by making Pierce repeat different things.  Auntie Good Times very innocently told him to say “dump truck” (which she knows he has trouble saying.)  When he says “dumb (f)uck” she looks at me with an incredulous look of judgment and shock.  I told her to wipe the “dump truckin’ look of her face—she told him to say it!  I didn’t really say that to her…but I did tell her to “quit judging me!”

The rest of the ride was uneventful other than the obnoxious noises and yelling coming from the back seat.  It was fun to do something different for a change!