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I was enjoying my morning with the boys before dropping Mikey at school.  He’s showing dramatic signs of maturity lately, just in time for a relapse, no doubt.  Other than the allergies I woke up with, and Michael’s blood shot eye that I blamed on the pollen count, as well, all was good. 

After dropping number one off at school, I took number two to grammy and papa’s so I could go to the gym.  It’s no accident that I called him “number two” since he was a bit of a poop when I left him there, all whiny and ornery.  Oh well, that was behind me—I was off to another form of torture—he was my parents problem now.

Once I got set up on the Arctrainer and found something on the television that could keep me from watching the clock too closely, I somehow got 25 minutes in when I thought I heard my phone ringing (where was this person calling me 25 minutes ago?).  Yep, it was the school.  Mikey’s right eye was bright pink and itchy, and since there was concern about the contagious aspect of conjunctivitis, I had to go pick him up.  I managed to get a doctor’s appointment at 10:50, so we went to pick up Pierce first.

Once back at Grammy’s, I managed to consume half a loaf of banana bread in hopes of  totally negating the calories burned by my abbreviated workout.  If I’d had more conviction (and been alone) I would have eaten all of it!

Then it was off to the doctor to find out that it was, indeed, pink-eye.  I was told to Lysol everything in my house and wash his sheets in hot water when it had passed.  He also warned me that the chances were good that it would work its way through our family, so I asked him if he was prescribing a gallon of eye drops so we wouldn’t need to come back again.  It’s a little like being told your kid has lice in the way that you are afraid that every surface is covered in bugs and that you’ll never get rid of them without burning the house and contents to the ground.

We got our script, and it certainly doesn’t look like enough to treat a family of four…but we’ll see.  I jokingly told the doc that I would see him next week for something else, no doubt.  (Just kidding, Universe!)

On a side note, Michael asked me if he would go to school tomorrow (the last day before Easter Weekend.) I told him it depended on how his eye was, but probably not.  I think I saw smoke coming out of his ears from the computing he was doing to ensure that THAT would be the case!