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I was reading another blogger’s post about wanting to get out of the cube and be able to blog and make a living, and his tactics which desperately range from re-posting his own work to Reddit and Twitter to guilt tripping his mom into reading his stuff.  He’s The Mainland.  He’s very funny, and shameless at self promotion, so I thought I would try a little bit of that myself—even after seeing a commercial demonstrating the stupid choices husbands make that their wives ultimately have to clean up after.  The very last stupid idea that he has is asking his wife “Honey, can I quit my job and become a blogger?”  Apparently the whole world has an inkling about what a lucrative sole proprietorship that can be!  Sadly, my husband looked straight at me and laughed about the tables being turned in our situation, wherein my role as “husband”—instead of being master fixer of all things—is the “master idiot” that appears to have left a career to blog about being a stay-at-home-mom!  (Yes, you read that right—I called myself husband and mom in the same thought—it just depends on what I’m doing.)

Anyhoo, I thought, in all of my wisdom, I would practice a little self-promotion in my post today, and give a little lesson to my friends and family about the art of “re-posting” the posts of mine that they like to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble-Upon, Reddit, or even email.

Since I love sarcasm and condescension where applicable, the chances that you will practice your new education on today’s post are probably not very good, but do your homework anyway!

So here it goes, people!  For those friends and family members that subscribe to my blog—if you don’t want me coming to you for money, this is what you need to do:

  • First of all, when you see my blog arrive in your email , instead of reading it right there, click on the link so it brings you out to my blog—often times there are pictures that you can see, and other posts you might want to read.  Then click on every photo I’ve posted, too—preferably, several times each, because this makes my stats go way up—which in turn makes me look AWESOME!


  • Second, if you simply go to The Donovan Boys, you will see my current post and abbreviated parts of my previous 10 posts.  Click on the title of whichever one you want to read—even the current one that you can already see in its entirety.  By doing this, you will have the opportunity at the bottom of each individual post to plus there are buttons to repost it to any number of sites as well as email to friends, AND comment!
  • Thirdly, I know it’s a pain in the rear, but you NEED to register a username and password so that you can comment, but if you love me, you’ll do it and you will only inwardly bitch about it.  And then to express your love and support, and hope to encourage that I never ask to borrow money from you—you will comment—A LOT!  You could even write one word per comment box, thus taking 8 or 10 comments just to finish one thought.  Thanks, that’d be great.
  • Now, the buttons at the bottom of the post, I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure what some of them do, but if you have Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin. Reddit, Google, whatever accounts, I expect each and every one of you to click each of those buttons and repost my story of the day to those pages.  If you don’t have these accounts—GET THEM!  It requires the same registering that you would do on WordPress to be able to comment, so use the same login info for each site and it will be nice and easy to remember.  The goal here, people, is to either clog up and crash the web with a traffic jam to The Donovan Boys and/or make me rich by having advertisers and publishing companies in hot pursuit of the newest and funniest author of our time.
  • I have a secret—I don’t even care if you really don’t like the post—just re-post it—this is not about you—it’s about me (and The Donovan Boys.)

I think that about covers your lesson for today.  There will be a test on this, so I better see my stats and comments going through the roof—otherwise I am going to write more and more posts that are terribly uninteresting, DAILY, so that you simply despise opening your Outlook!

Thanks for all of your support!!  And have a great day!!!!