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It is amazing how much nicer a mom I am when my kids don’t wake up until 6:30 or later!  It’s also amazing how kids can wake up at 5am and have the energy of someone who just snorted a line of cocaine.  The most amazing part, though, is when the end result of this type of wakeup call is the mother NOT beating her children, because God knows it’s taking every ounce of strength she has not to!

Actually, in today’s case, it was only Mikey that was up that early, but not to worry, it wasn’t long before he was crawling into his brother’s bed and (as soothingly as a five-year-old boy who has entirely too much energy can be)tries to coax Pierce awake.  Pierce is about as cheerful as I am when on the receiving end of a human alarm clock going off.  Mikey didn’t alarm his brother into the realm of the conscious, until he had sufficiently kicked my bed, knocked my closet door, chattered to himself, and disrupted my sleep.  This made me an even MORE pleasant mother as I stormed into their room, scooped up my two-year-old and brought him back to bed with me so he could sleep some more.

Finally after 75minutes of stifling a tongue lashing, and putting off getting out of bed to “feed my boy”—that’s what he’s always asking way too early—“Mommy, can you feed me?”  

 My ebullient child is full of questions and exclamations as I stumble around the kitchen in and irritated, foggy stupor, but eventually I come around to enjoy the conversation about God only knows what.

Shortly, the other one wakes up (with some help from his brother, AGAIN), but this time he’s less angry, and our day has begun.  Goooooood  Mooornnniiiiiinnggggg!