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Another late post today…I actually had a design client with a fellow designer who has started her own firm.  It’s very exciting, and I might get to work a little more often. 

Meanwhile, my other career—mothering– is going about as usual.  Pierce is finally beginning to get potty trained…slowly.  I have decided to continue taking the risk of letting him run around naked from the waist down so he can use his potty chair as needed.  We start first thing in the morning when we get up, and we stay “sans undies” until just before we have to leave the house.  I have found that if he’s wearing a pull-up, he will definitely use it.  Pulling his pants down has not become “his idea” yet, but after my older one pooped in the yard last week, maybe I should be glad he’s not interested.

Yes, I paid the price for allowing the streaker in my house in the form of a man-sized B.M. on the tile in the hallway last week on the same day as the yard-pooping incident.  But, I unleashed enough shame, that he hasn’t done it again.  In fact, he went number two a couple of times in the last several days in the potty chair.  I’m glad this “baby bjorn” ergonomic toilet doesn’t have a lid, because Mikey pooped on the lid of his once in his enthusiasm and it was two years (practically) before I could get him to “poop on the potty” again.  I suppose I need to put Pierce in training pants so that he can be uncomfortable when he has an accident, that way he’ll learn to hold it, but I’m not sure I’m ready for “accidents.”

We are moving right along, though, and I’m grateful.  I worried with Pierce’s opinions about doing things that aren’t his idea would delay this process, but it seems to progressing in the right direction.