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Greg got up with the boys this morning and I stayed in bed, however, the noise level was such that I kept coming to the surface, which, naturally, makes a person so groggy, that they want to sleep forever.  It’s funny how interrupted sleep makes it even harder to finally wake up.

After a couple of hours of torture that swung back and forth between loud noises, rough housing, and eventually Pierce crying, I got them both bathed and Mikey off to Sunday school at 10am.  Grammy and Papa pick him up and take him to breakfast afterwards, so we have a couple of quiet hours on Sunday mornings.

Greg asked me as he saw the three of them walking up our front sidewalk a little while ago, “You wanna place a bet on how soon Mikey will be asking me for a video game when he comes through the door?”  Since we both pretty much had the same guess—immediately—it was a lame bet neither of us took. 

Daddy is having trouble watching one of his Star Trek series and he’s getting very irritated (dork!)  Meanwhile, Mikey is trying to get dad’s attention by repeating his name a million times and a million different ways:  “Daddy?  Daddy?  Dad? Greg? Allen(his middle name)? Allen?  Daddy”  Finally he gets the angry loud response from his dad that I swear he is shooting for:  “WHAAAAT!  MICHAEL?” (Mikey)  “Will you set up a video game for me?”  (dad)  “In a minute, MICHAEL!  Jeez”  (Mikey, in his smart alleck-y way) “Are you EVER going to do anything for me?”  (Meaning, “Why are you such a disappointment, Dad?” Well, that got daddy’s arse in gear (once we were done laughing.)  I hear the roller coaster video game playing in the other room.  I guess dad did something for him…