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As I raved about it yesterday, we finally got rain in the way of thunderstorms.  Whoooo Hoooo!  Apparently some areas were hit pretty hard, including the neighboring subdivision because we heard a transformer blow, leaving our power to flicker occasionally throughout the night.

I guess my atomic clock got tired of resetting itself and gave up at some point.  Sometime after 3am, I began increasingly tossing and turning because every time I drifted to the surface, I couldn’t tell how many more hours or minutes I might (possibly) be allowed to sleep. 

At some point in the midst of my restlessness, I awakened to Pierce crying.  I was not ready to acknowledge that this wasn’t just some terrible nightmare.  Unfortunately, his crying followed me into my waking state.

Groggily I staggered into the boys’ room, noticing the bolster had fallen out of Pierce’s bed, I crawled under the covers with him, rather than my usual scramble over toy box, up the foot of the bed to wedge myself against the wall on top of the covers.  I hoped gracing him with my appearance would sooth him back to sleep.  It appears that it might work—wait—no—nope.  He’s struggling to change positions—what the!?  Mikey’s head pops up—he’s been lying on the other side of Pierce where I usually am—how did I not see this-and trying to coax Pierce awake with sweet whispers to see he might like to play.  Pierce didn’t!

I was so irked, surely it was 5 in the morning and not time to be up playing, (even if I haven’t seen a clock since before 3am.)  I sent Mikey back to his bed, and made a point of telling all ears in the room that it was WAY TO EARLY, and that we were all going to sleep some more.

Mikey was quiet for…not very long, before I was hearing in my ear, “Mommy, can I turn on the light and play?”  Or, “Mommy, can you feed me?”  The barrage of questions has finally penetrated Pierce’s angry awakening, so he’s wondering if maybe play time might be fun, after all.

 I was going to have to surrender, because it was two against one (tired mom). “Fine, turn on the light and play, but quietly!”  Then it dawned on me (no pun intended) I could go back to my bed!  “See ya, leave me alone!” 

On my way out their bedroom door, I glanced at the boys’ wall clock, and saw that it was 6:20.  I was shocked to see that my desire to sleep was so much stronger than my instincts about the time.  Oh well…I went back to bed and Greg got up with the kids.

Greg’s  awesome…the end.