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Grammy and Papa gave us a date night last night by taking the boys for a sleepover.  Papa just got an XBox and was excited to play it with Mikey  (and also apprehensive about the possible impending emasculation).   Mikey has some mad skills when it comes to hand-eye coordination, so Gramps was afraid he might get spanked.

Pierce is perfectly content to watch them play while do a running commentary in the meantime.  He says such things as “Mikey died!”  “You crashed, bruver!”  “You collapse’!”  when Michael crashes.  This gets a bit of a negative reaction from Senor Video Gamer.  I can hear it in my head right now:  “No!  Stop saying that!”  “AHHHKKK, STOP SAYING THAT!”  Naturally it’s great fun for everyone to jump on Pierce’s bandwagon to see how far we can push Michael.  That was Grammy and Papa’s job tonight—we had some “What kids?” type fun waiting for us .

We went out to dinner with our friends Lilly and Dave to Liam Fitzpatrick’s.  It’s a nice restaurant with dueling pianos that start at 9pm.  The guys got a bit more out of the place as the waitresses were delightful to look at in their black shirts and tall socks with the “mini” kilt covering their bums.

Here’s where it starts to go downhill:  Lilly and Dave are a little younger than us, but not that much.  They are, however, edgier in their dress.  As for last night I’m blaming Dave’s hat and Lilly’s fancy grandma glasses and hoodie for what was about to happen.  Our server came to take our drink order.  Greg requested a couple of beers for us, and our friends ordered a chardonnay and a Guinness.  Then it happened—she asked THEM for their i.d.’s., but not us!  I told her in no uncertain terms that she just kissed her tip goodbye!  I’d forgotten by the time we checked out about my angry threat.

We hung out until the piano players came on stage.  They were both pretty good, but we didn’t have any cash to request Queen’s “Under Pressure”—in our opinion—a true test of a piano bar player’s true ability.  So we sat around for a bit listening to several lame standards that dorky middle-aged people apparently still haven’t heard played enough times.  One of the musicians was livelier and more current than the other.  I guess that’s the formula to make all everyone happy (except us).  As we looked around the place, we realized that the crowd was lean and mostly just beyond middle aged—not a great audience for a Saturday—I guess “the regular crowd “didn’t” shuffle in.”

We left after a few songs, and were home hanging out and watching Saturday Night Live by 11:30. AND  slept until 8am!  Gotta love it!