Today is a very dark day…yet somehow I can see more clearly.  April 24th, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy for me.  Greg is home sick with a fever and a cold, and we used up all of our Nyquil a couple weeks ago in our methlab.  At least that’s what the drug stores in Lake Mary probably think since we go through so much of the stuff, what with the way we trade colds around like baseball cards.

I took the boys to the park after school today to wear them out and keep the house quiet and peaceful so that Greg could rest.  Afterwards we stopped at Walgreens to stock up on cold meds.  As I am trying to study the wall of options with a toddler prancing in the aisle and my older one checking out something on the shelf behind me, I hear Mikey ask “Hey Mom!  How do these look?”  He had on a pair of fancy red reading glasses—he looked like Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry McGuire—I didn’t think my son’s eyes could look any bigger.

Oh crap…that reminds me…all these companies have started using a way smaller font on all their packaging.  I don’t why this is…it must somehow cut their costs—it’s just happened in the last year.  Has anyone else noticed?  Anyway, I decided that it was time to surrender to the idea of “granny” glasses—now if I can just read the strength on these things.  I guess I’ll just try them on until all print is at 20pt.  I found a sassy looking, bronze pair that really doesn’t make me feel any more stylish, but there is a whole teeny-tiny big wide world out there that I have apparently been missing.  I still don’t think I can make myself read directions, though…