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 What is going on? I am not sure what kind of robotic machine, food companies use to close their lids, but they are definitely super human! Back when I did massage therapy, there wasn’t a jar I couldn’t open, but good god! Now I can hardly open the kid’s lidded, drinking, cups, and I was the one that screwed the lid on! What is happening? Is forty the new eighty? And when I say eighty, I mean an old arthritic eighty. I recently tried to open a bottle of apple juice that was so hard, that I gave up and told Mikey he needed to drink something else. Then Greg came in the kitchen, sporting his super-hero cape. He inquired as to the problem the lady ‘was having, and then valiantly grabbed the juice bottle, and proceeded to burst a blood vessel in his brain and fill his tights while trying to unscrew the lid. After some heavy breathing and recovery time, he tried again, and succeeded. This is the guy that everyone asks to help them move—he’s got more brawn than any guy I know, but the lids bring him to his knees, too. They are like kryptonite. I was at the grocery store the other day, and on a skeptical whim, I bought this jar opening apparatus that looks like this:

east twist jar opener

I have to say, it really does work—you still have to have a decent grip, but it helps keep the skin on your hands. I still want to know if everyone thinks that jar lids are on tighter that they used to be, or if my mega strength is waning with my days?