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Remember how funny it was when I blogged about all the things of Greg’s that we have broken, and the various times I have needed to scrape him off the ceiling? Yeah, well, karma has reared her ugly, UGLY head! It’s been quite a week.

If I am going to open a watermelon to find something nasty, this would have been more entertaining! courtesy of pawesome.net

Have you ever noticed that when you try to be frugal, you immediately get indignant when you feel like the Universe is financially screwing with you? It started with a watermelon that Greg brought home on Sunday because we were having his sister’s family over for a cook-out. When I cut it open, it was so mushy and mealy that I had to throw it all away. My mother would say that I “should have marched right back into the grocery store with it and demanded my money back.” I am sure that they would have refunded me the cost, but when exactly was a good time to do this? Let’s see…Maybe when my in-laws are walking up the sidewalk to my front door? I can see it now—I am locking the front door holding a grocery bag of mutilated watermelon; I turn around, and they are standing there wondering where I am going, as they are arriving. I am sure that wouldn’t be awkward.

So I am out 4 bucks, but it’s principle—I feel like a real victim when it comes to buying fruit—it’s like what I imagine to be the average father’s day gift—I’m scared to find out what’s inside because it might be a huge disappointment, and un-usable.

In memory of my first smartphone…

Then the day before last, I was driving to pick up Mikey at school, and I went to set my phone down on my purse in the passenger’s seat and it flipped like coin between my fingers and landed in my coffee—no net—if I were on the basketball court, it would have been very impressive! Even better—it only went in about 1/3 of the way, but not to worry, coffee and phone, you melded quickly through the power and volume buttons—resulting in a new phone. It’s amazing how cell phones and liquid create new cell phones in a very, VERY short gestational period. In fact, in my case—the Droid 2 and old iced coffee were like Marc Antony and Cleopatra—practically on fire as they got more and more into each other. I could actually feel my phone getting warmer where the coffee was seeping behind the screen. This liquid-hot love affair resulted in the death of my phone, ahh, but the bittersweet arrival of a new fancy one. Bitter being the expense—sweet being that the Droid Razr is way cooler! And way cheaper than the I-phone—not to imply that Apple products aren’t worth the $$.

Droid Razr vs. iphone

The worst part of the whole experience is that I had been having trouble with my phone on and off for a few weeks, so naturally I had to bitch about, thus prompting the Universe to provide me with an opportunity for a new one—now if the big U would provide me with tons of money, we’d be back on speaking terms!

Greg and I are on the same phone plan, but he was up for an upgrade sooner than I, so I used his to get my new phone. What makes this all so priceless is, that when it arrived and I went to activate it to my number, it activated to Greg’s and killed his existing phone, giving me yet another opportunity to scrape him off the ceiling. We got it fixed quickly, but I did have to go out to a store to swap out the junked sim card. We are back to normal—but it’s the first day of summer vacation—anything could happen now!