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Whewwww!!!   Today was a busy day!  I honestly don’t know how moms’ have careers and don’t go crazy trying to keep up!  It is mind-boggling!

I have a wonderful client that I have worked with on and off for six years.  I met her when I was very pregnant, and she looked as cute as could be in her faded levi’s.  Then she told me that she had four children!  How is it possible she could have such a fantastic figure after all that?  Well, I made it my mission to spend every dime she had, as I swallowed my angry, swollen, pregnant pride, and made nice!  The end result is that we have become good friends and live quite close to each other, which makes our business relationship and friendship even easier!  So much for revenge! 

In recent months, she has decided that she’s ready for some big design changes in her home.  We started with paint selection throughout; then carpet; and now we are working on window treatments and giving her teenage daughters fun new bedrooms.  So we have been seeing a lot more of each other. 

Having been a stay at home mom, herself, she understands my family obligations are my first priority and my design business runs a distant second.  This crazy chick, just to make things more interesting, has invited me to bring my boys over on more than one occasion while I am trying to consult with her on design.  Her daughters have come to know Mikey and Pierce and consequently have gotten a great deal of entertainment out of watching them when their mom and I are working. 

The first time I brought them over was last summer, and the older daughter, L., was hanging out with Michael.  This was back during his “ghosties” phase, where I had to lie down in his bed with him every night until he fell asleep for six months straight.  Ever the curious kid about different surroundings, he asked L. if her house was haunted.  She laughed and said “no.”  Then he told her that he thought he saw a ghost, and she began to second guess herself and got a little freaked out.  She still brings it up a year later.  We got a charge out of the fact my 4 year-old at the time could psych out a 15 year-old.

L. told me yesterday that Mikey was” so smart.”  They have a giant Shamu raft for their pool, so that, naturally, brought forth an inquisition from Michael.  Questions like “Does Shamu sometimes kill people?”  L. said, “No, Shamu is nice!” (M.) “But does he sometimes kill by accident?”  L.’s thinking…”do I lie to him?  How much News has he been watching?  What do I do—Shamu did kill a trainer last year…hmmm….how to manage this question…?”

Then one time while we were selecting paint for the upstairs guest room, Pierce wandered down the hall to K.’s room.  I found him getting into small things like super balls or gum balls, or something of the like, so I picked him up and brought him out of her room and closed the door.  He responded with a tantrum of epic proportions, falling to the floor and proceeding to scream his face off.  I walked away figuring he would quit if he didn’t get a response.  Nope!  J. and I were practicing ignoring toddler tantrums while trying to select a wall color , as he continued unravel at the other end of the house.  Finally, J. looks at me laughing and says “Gee!  He’s really pissed!”

And still, the invitations kept coming…I know…hard to believe. 

Today we scheduled a working session in J.’s home to select fabrics and window treatment designs for the girls’ rooms and the living and dining rooms.  The boys were invited to come, too.  K. and L. were going to keep an eye on them while J. and I were working.  Then the plan was to eat lunch by the pool.  I offered a few opportunities to renege on the invite and let me take them to their grandparents so we could have some peace and quiet.  She wasn’t having it—she even grocery shopped for lunch for all of us.

I did the “flight of the bumblebee” this morning packing pool things, towels, sunscreen, my design bag, computer, tablets—everything I could think of to keep them busy and me on task.  I think I am just going to set up shop in her pool house, lord knows I brought enough stuff to fill it! 

Miraculously, we  actually covered a ton of details, fabric selections, window designs and next step plans, while the ”big girls” watched “ little boys.”  I would sporadically see Mikey spin by on the periphery, like a top, begging the question as to when he could swim. Pierce would meander into our business a bit, too, but really they were quite good about letting us work.  When we wrapped up our working session,  it was time to make lunch and get the boys ready for the pool.  I stripped Pierce’s t-shirt off, put on his life jacket, and told Mikey to do the same—take his shirt off and put on his water-wings.  Next thing I know, I hear J. say “Ahh…hey!  Whatcha doin’ Mikey?”  I look up and see “nature boy” frolicking nude across the pool deck in front of her teenage daughters and their friend.  Oh…my…god…what have I done.  I have failed to teach modesty.  Both Greg and I are pretty darn modest—so I guess I assumed it would come naturally at the right moments.  Wrong, AGAIN!  I tried to employ some shaming tactics in order to hurriedly get him to put his swim trunks back on, while every body tittered and laughed in shock at his total absence of modesty.  It was then that I knew I wouldn’t  need to go another moment without blog fodder. 

On the flip side of modesty, we kept finding Pierce wandering around inside like he was trying to find a private place to fill his pants.  He never did, though, but he did go up to J. and ask in his commanding way, “Shake, pleeeeease?” After we got done making tuna salad for him!  Ungrateful little toot!

When we finally got to sit down together to eat, I watched Mikey squirm, fidgit, make obnoxious noises and comments very much to my mortification!  I got on him to settle down, but his constant movement has made it very hard to teach him manners at the dinner table—obviously.  We also had a chat at home, afterwards, about his table manners, but I think I am going to have to take drastic measures!  J. was the epitome of patience, though.  But now we’ll see if the invitations keep coming!  HA!

On a face-saving side note, I found out later that the moon waxed to fullness at 1:30pm or thereabouts, yesterday providing a fabulous excuse and explanation for Michael’s “supernova-like” behavior, at lunch.  Unfortunately he never burned out entirely—and brilliant was not the word I would use to describe his actions yesterday, so maybe “supernova” is not a great description…