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Do you see this? DO YOU SEE THIS? Last night when Greg came home, it seemed like he was in a bit of a mood. He went and got changed while I was making dinner, and then holed up in the kid room. It appears that room is slowly becoming a man cave.

I guess there were a few toys on the floor that he was picking up before he got comfortable. After hearing random plastic things being dropped into storage baskets, Greg comes into the kitchen asking me how much I love him. Oh no…I braced myself for a guilt trip. I thought he was getting ready to say something like “I know you’re busy, but could you try to have the boys pick up their toys so that room isn’t trashed when I walk in at the end of the day?” I know this sounds bad, but he and I have a mutual understanding that walking into a house that looks like it’s been hit by tornado is stressful for both of us, so I usually try to have it picked up before he gets home.

Anyway, back to “Babe, how much do you love me?” And in his hand he had my watch that has been MIA since March! Oh G., let me tell thee the ways! I was positively thrilled! It was in one of the toy baskets. I had gone through all the toy storage bins in the boys’ bedroom, but not the playroom—don’t ask me why. The baskets aren’t even big, not to mention that I have stashed toys in them hundreds of times in the past three months and never caught the glint of white metal winking at me.

Can we talk about how grateful I am that it isn’t stuck somewhere in the toilet—I don’t care how good lookin’ the plumbers were that had to remove it last time one of the boys put something other than poop in it. So here’s the new plan: it never comes off! My brother-in-law who works for Movado said I can shower, bath, and even swim in it, just no diving. Damn…that was on my bucket list! Besides, if it breaks from taking on moisture, he can replace it, unlike if it simply disappears, again. Ahhh…Reunited and it feels so good!