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Potty Training…Pull-ups!

Strep Throat…finally succumbing to the Jesus-Like healing abilities of amoxicillin.

Bored Children…Ice Cream, swings, and video games

Experiencing a Thunderstorm (One of my favorite things) squished into a twin bed against a sweaty five-year old trying to sleep with his hands over his ears…The sweet little voice of my snuggly little boy asking if the thunder is going away, yet.

Having a million creative ideas and projects in mind and not the millions needed to do them…Still having the creativity to imagine them!

Bug Bites…killing bugs.

Neighbors loading their shot guns to kill a poor old black racer snakes…Other neighbor swooping down with gloved hands to rescue said snake and move to a woodsy area.

Neighbor with gloves and snake in hand not holding it close enough to the head, and me getting a quick nip from ‘fraidy snake…Petting poor old ‘fraidy snake and showing him to the boys.

Yard work…The end result of yard work.

Being stuck trying to figure out how to entertain the kids everyday (or get them to entertain themselves)…Not having to get up, get hollerin’ and get out the door to school by 8 am.

Not going the beach because it requires five suitcases of provisions for a 2 hour outing…Knowing that the beach is only 45 minutes away if I get ambitious enough to pack everything.

Having a kiddie pool that deflates overnight, and eats away the bottom of the fence and floods the neighbor’s yard every time we drain it…Having Auntie Good Time’s and Grammy and Papa’s pool at our disposal.

“Absentee” Father’s Day, and the three of being told not to speak unless spoken to for 24 hours…the list of paybacks I’m still making

Swim Suit season…There is no antithesis for this—I live in Florida—the season is extra long, and swim suits and I haven’t been friends in a very long time—and never EVER good friends—(that bitch!)

Power bills…at least a large one indicates I have a functioning air conditioner.

The way alcoholic drinks make me sweat in the heat…the way alcoholic drinks help me to not sweat everything else.

The constant worry about rats setting up residence in our grill and the fact that our indoor/outdoor cat makes a big production about marking his territory and the rats aren’t afraid…Cooking on the grill after running it on a 600 degree flame for 10 minutes to burn off the bubonic plague.

1000 degrees and 1000 percent humidity day after day…The days are long and light and beautiful, and it’s never cold.