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It appears that it might be time for another gratitude blog after yesterday’s list of crappy happenings. So here’s my list of things I have been grateful for recently:

  1. For every morning that Pierce wakes up dry and I don’t have to wash his bedding.
  2. For Mikey who is old enough to be a great help around the house (sometimes.)
  3. For family and Friends for their unceasing generosity and kindness toward me and my little family.
  4. For birthday surprises and spending it with loved ones in spite of turning 40 AGAIN.
  5. For the fact that I haven’t had any horrible breakouts around my period for the past several months!  (That one’s for all my male readers who are squirming over TMI)
  6. For rain…I know it’s been a lot recently, but it’s needed and it’s cutting down on our water bill.
  7. For getting my chairs refinished before the rain showed up this week
  8. For Bob at the paint store that sold me a gallon of $100 Sikken’s Stain for $24!
  9. For date night with no kids, thanks to Grammy and Papa!
  10. For lazy Sundays
  11. For a toaster oven
  12. For my little boys’ feet—I love them!
  13. For Tot-speak
  14. For the smell of my boys’ hair after bath time
  15. For Dyson vacuüm cleaners and their awesome design—especially when it comes to replacing worn out parts
  16. For little boys to do things for me so I don’t have to get off the sofa a million times (only a thousand to do their bidding)
  17. For cool birthday gifts from Auntie Good Times!
  18. For a Nana who loves her grand babies for a couple of hours every weekend so Greg and I can run errands and get lunch in peace.
  19. For my brother who saved us the cost of an appliance repair appointment by telling us it was probably going to be stupidly expensive to replace the circuit board. 
  20.  For the fact that I am not much of a cook, or I would NEED to replace my oven STAT!
  21. For having good design clients.
  22. For having a great and smart friend who has her own design studio I can work out of when I have clients—she is soooo clever, and likely the best designer’s I know!  Tina Marie Interior Design—you should be on TV.
  23. For the giant brown eyes that twinkle mischievously at me over my laptop screen at random intervals.
  24. For all my blog subscribers who find my daily drivel amusing enough to keep returning—especially the ones I’ve never met and probably never will—love you people for your interest and loyalty!
  25. For the fact that at this very minute my children have taken their aura of chaos into their dad’s space and allowed me 5 minutes of peace.  It has already ended in the time I typed this sentence…
  26. For tropical storms that go elsewhere, even though there is a part of me that secretly wants the major “mother nature experience” knowing full well how dangerous that type of thinking is.
  27. For the tiny oasis that is my back yard.
  28. For the inspiration to slow down and write a gratitude blog every now and then—I think it brings me back to center.
  29. For new business opportunities.
  30. For new creative projects and the time and energy to do them!
  31. For life’s fair moments—they are so easy to ignore—but there are a lot of them.
  32. For Greg unloading the dishwasher this morning because I don’t feel like it.
  33. For Quaker Oatmeal Medleys “cherry, almond, pistachio” with a little amaretto coffee creamer on it!
  34. And lastly, thanks for taking the time to read my list—I just needed to do it!