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I know this isn’t about the Donovan Boys, but it‘s about another Irishman (long removed) that I think is HILARIOUS!  Jimmy Fallon.  No, I don’t watch his late night talk show for obvious reasons—it’s late, I have small children that wake too early for me even when I go to bed at 10p.m  I’m also too lazy to dvr it, but I have always loved him on Saturday Night Live, even if he did laugh his way through most skits.  Truly, for me, that is part of what makes a joke funny—when the joke teller laughs before the punch line getting me all ramped up for the hilarity.  Apparently, Lorne Michael’s has other opinions, being the original Dr. Evil.

A couple of months ago, my brother posted a video short of Jimmy Fallon on Facebook.  He was performing the Reading Rainbow song as Jim Morrison and the Doors.  Okay, so he does a crazy good impression of Jim Morrison, but lyrics were hysterical—nice and clean for the nursery rhyme audience that wasn’t watching.  It was truly like watching the tripped out, drunk, stoner leading his stumbling , meandering jaunt across stage with his out-thrust pelvis.  The only thing authentically missing from this impeccable portrayal of the late Morrison, was him urinating on the audience and being escorted off stage by the Miami police.  I guess it wasn’t filmed in Miami, given Fallon’s attention to detail.

Then I saw him on Piers Morgan.  His unaffected humility made him positively adorable.  Forthcoming with his musical impressions, and subsequent laughter at his own silliness, increased his appeal (if that’s even possible.)  I think he’s put out a compilation of his various musical impressions from his late night talk show.  The one that seems to have made the biggest impression—‘scuse the pun—is his version of Willow Smith’s “Whip my Hair” performed in a duet as Neil Young with Bruce Springsteen.  It’s crazy how much he sounds like Neil Young, and even funnier because the song lyrics are so shallow and ridiculous.  Then the Boss shows up looking like he just stepped out 1978—crazy wig, big sunglasses, floppy hat and grizzly voice—a spot on impression!  Until everyone realized it’s really Springsteen—his agent even got teary-eyed over seeing his client looking like he did 30 years ago! Apparently, he wasn’t going to wear the wig, but Jimmy talked him into “just trying it on” in the dressing room and then donning the “floppy hat”.  At the Boss’s consent, Fallon found himself putting a wig on Bruce Springsteen—what a moment for a fan—maybe someday Jimmy will let me put a Neil Young wig on him!  The greatest part about this whole performance besides the performance itself, was watching Jimmy relive it for Piers by  describing his experience with his impressions—the way he toggled back and forth between Neil Young’s strange falsetto whimper and Bruce’s gravelly, lock-jawed, timber—WHO? I don’t care what kind of impressionist you are; can go back and forth in song between two voices that couldn’t sound more differently than a howler Monkey and a cricket?  It’s crazy!  Here are some links to a few of them:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRbd12Sv1Ak&feature=relmfu  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gunlBUan8Y


Just had to share this—I love this guy!  He’s so talented and humble.  Talk about a rare combination in celebrity these days!