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Hey!  Guess what?  I know why they call it a “powder room!”  Yesterday afternoon I had to run out to the drug store to get Michael earplugs to take to school for when they have fire drills, but that’s another great story in my life as a mom.

Anyway, off I went to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of things.  I was gone for maybe 45 minutes.  When I got home and was unloading my few bags, Pierce came up to me looking like he found a stash of powdered donuts.  I figured he found the little pot of baby powder in the bathroom, but I didn’t realize that he found it probably about 2 minutes after I left the house and only stopped playing in it when he heard me return 45 minutes later.

So let me back up for a minute…the bathroom is the boys bath/guest bath—remember the one with the fabulous wool rug that slowly grew its own eco system from all the little boy bodily stuff that had dribbled on it?  I threw it out a month ago because it finally began to fall apart.  Then a week ago, I found a wool rug on Overstock that was the right size and color story for $35 whole dollars!  When it arrived it was great except that it wasn’t quite the right color story after all.  The parts that looked the color of timothy straw was actually camel—green.  Here is my quandary (or was):  the rug is crazy cheap, nice looking, and the right size—should I repaint the bathroom?  Hmmmm….another project?  I think… YES!  In order not to make this rug into an $80 one, I went out to my garage to mix every color of paint I have together to get sort of a “spa blue”.  This was quite a feat since I have mostly browns in my house.  I even broke out my artist acrylics and squeezed in two tubes of blue…still not enough.  Then my neighbor Lilly called to see what I was doing—just the person I needed, surely she would have a gallon of some random blue paint lying around her garage.  Always up for a project, too, she hooked me up and hung out all evening while I tweaked the color, went in to try a sample, tweaked again…tried a sample…BINGO!  I wanted her to keep me company at 9pm Friday night while I painted, but she would have none of it.  Off she went to her house–(to change clothes and don her painter’s whites.)  She couldn’t sit and watch me paint—she had to help!  We knocked out the bathroom in two hours—we also knocked the porcelain towel bar bracket out of the tub wall.  Oh well…that’s fixable.  By late Saturday night, I had a lovely new bathroom!  I had painted the door and all the trim pretty, bright white again, cleaned it top to bottom, and it was all very serene.  Until Sunday evening, when brand new bathroom was suddenly covered in baby powder!  I could have strangled Greg and Pierce!  What the heck had happened since I left the house?  apparently, Dad dozed off and all was quiet, so everyone must be behaving, right?  WRONG!  SOoooo. WRONG!   Mikey was taking turkey sandwiches and leftover cans of soda that we hadn’t finished, into the kid room, and Pierce was making it snow in the bathroom.  I was already somewhat irritated, so I needed to be talked of the ledge after I finished cleaning everything up.  I had a few choice words for Daddy, but he cleverly said nothing until he knew I had calmed down sufficiently enough for him to admit he had fallen asleep.

So, there you have it , folks—that’s why it’s called a powder room—not because ladies powder their noses.