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I went shopping on Saturday with my client.  While we were out we actually found a store with an aisle of Halloween decorations!  Not to be too excited, though, it was crammed in next to a wealth of Christmas decorations already—we wouldn’t want to miss out on Christmas.  Lord knows it could sneak right past us if we waited to introduce the themed merchandise only a month out from the very holiday.

Anyhoo, we were waiting in line, and discovered all the fun, folksy and somewhat creepy array of ghosts, witches, jack-o-lanterns and black cats.  My client’s kids are teenagers and adults, so the holiday decorating has pretty much been shrunk to just Christmas.  I think she was feeling a bit nostalgic, so she bought Mikey and Pierce these little wind up spiders and sent them home with me to surprise them.

Pierce, my Halloween baby, was rather unnerved by the wiggly legs and erratic skittering that the little furry toy did when wound up.  I had gone down the hall to do something in my bedroom, and he comes straight in, hugs my leg, and says “ ‘Pider comin’!”  I assumed he would eventually relax about it, but in the past couple days, there have been a couple of episodes where my presence has been requested to remove said critter from somewhere that Pierce needed to get to.

Just a little while ago, he wanted to get a car out of one of his bins, and came to get me to help.  I thought he was just being lazy and wanted me to do the heavy lifting (of toys cars out of the box.)  Actually, the spider had gotten thrown into the car bin, and Pierce didn’t want to put his hand in with it.  Even when I moved it aside, he was still nervous.  “ ‘Pider  ‘pooky…”

Naturally, being the baby of five, when Greg got home, I took the opportunity to torture my child with the fuzzy, two-legged, spider by getting near him with it.  He didn’t cry, but he moved very quickly off the sofa and out of arm’s reach,

Am I scary?

all the while re-iterating “Too ‘cary!  Too ‘creepy!”  It was really hard to make ourselves stop since the reaction was so great.  However, I haven’t done the Florida Prepaid College Tuition let alone a fund for the years of therapy my children will require to overcome my parenting skills, so I guess  I will retire the little critter…for now…Mwa..ha.ha.ha.haaaaaa!