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Mikey has found it more fun to call Optimus Prime “Octimus Prime.”  Even when we explained why it was “Op” and not “Oct” (do you see eight legs on that fantastic big-rig transformer?)—he told me that he likes to say OCTimus.  Just recently, he decided that maybe it was time to call OP by his true name, but Papa and I think it’s now more fun to call the leader of the Autobots “Octopus Prime.”  Since, I can’t leave it alone when I get a rise out of Michael, I reminded him again of the new name that have bestowed on his great hero.  After voicing sincere irritation, he got quiet for a little bit.  Just when I thought he was over it he finally speaks up.  “Mommy, I think I’m just going to call you “stupid but.”  So, unfortunately because of my lack of stern parenting skills, and my need to laugh at everything that comes out of that kid’s mouth, I think it may actually stick…much to my chagrin…

Daddy and the boys have some crazy ball/stunt jumping game they play in their room just before bed.  Pierce loves it so much, that he now knows no boundaries with the ball indoors.  I reduced the endangerment of my things by taking the toy away and putting it up on an armoire in the office.  Sadly, I think I increased the endangerment to me since Pierce was NOT happy about this.  Eventually he forgot about it, until tonight when Daddy told him to go find the ball.  Remembering nothing of his earlier punishment, I watched him scamper off to find it.  Within minutes he’d returned in tears telling me “I want to be bigger!” As I comforted him, I tried to imagine what he was talking about, and disconcertingly found myself wondering if it’s possible that a toddler could already have the notion of wanting to grow up in a hurry.  “I want to be big!  Can’t reach!  Mikey needs to get it.”  I finally realized he was talking about the ball, thank heavens.

Mr. Mike (aka. “the neurotic one”) has found a few more things to add to his list of fears.  Besides loud noises like thunder, fire drills, public toilets, other kids screaming and yelling in the McDonald’s Playground (this is mind-boggling since he loves to yell and scream), he has decided that he doesn’t want to do to the bathroom at school or at home because he thinks he might find a giant mosquito, lizard or roach using the facilities as well.  We used to occasionally get those giant mosquitoes in the house, but they never bother anything, in fact I’ve heard they eat the little mosquitoes, so if that’s true, they can feel free to live anywhere around my house.  Okay, so maybe the roach and palmetto bug phobia is a learned behavior from his mama, but seriously, it doesn’t stop me from going to the bathroom when I need to.  The lizard…now there is one I don’t get.  I love those!  They are so cute!  Apparently, some of the kids in his class told him they saw one in the bathroom, which should have been fun, but no…there’s another thing to be afraid of…   Pretty much all week he has found various opportunities to ask me if I saw any giant mosquitoes in the bathroom , so finally tonight–while he and Pierce were in the bathtub of all places– I asked him why he’s afraid of everything—why bugs and lizards, now?  This was his response, “I’m afraid that if I see them in the bathroom they will run around, and maybe try run up my leg…and up my butt.”  (That last part was delivered with a hint of a shock-value smirk, to which I responded with a valiant effort at keeping a straight face…then I gave up…what can I say, the kid’s funny…)

A few minutes ago, I heard him hollering from his room to his dad and I that Pierce was lying in bed playing with my Nook.  Sure enough, I thought I heard somebody possibly sneaking out of bed.  That must have been what it was, so when Dad went in to see what Mikey was yelling about, he found Pierce sitting up in bed, navigating his way about my tablet with the seasoned knowledge and dexterity of the late Steve Jobs.  I guess my work is finished here…