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It has been a very busy couple of weeks with design clients, and it’s awesome!  I have more income than I have in three years, I still spend a ton of time with my children, and I get to avoid the drudgery of doing the same thing day after day.  I’m lovin’ it!

Right now, well actually before now, and when I am done writing this post, I will be sitting on my bum, surfing the web for design ideas, and spending other people’s money for them—who wouldn’t think that was the coolest job ever.  I’m watching Pierce going from my phone, to my nook, to the tablet all the while watching Peppa Pig.  When I said he was playing with my phone, he wasn’t just playing Angry Birds, he was setting it on the sofa and jumping over it.  I’m so glad that my smart phone is so smart and has so many wonderful possibilities for my children.

Remember the post I did about wrecking Dad’s things?  Recently, we have a few more things to add to his list of reasons why he wants his own apartment (and if he keeps over reacting—I will co-sign the lease!)

Last year he bought an iPod nano to replace is iPod touch that had gotten wet in his pocket during a rainstorm and never worked right again.  I guess these devices aren’t that smart…  So this snazzy little gadget showed up about the size of a watch face.  Very clever if you want to where it on a watch band like one of those goofy calculator ones from the 80’s.  (Truthfully, it’s probably pretty awesome for working out,) but aside from that well planned feature, it didn’t come with a GPS or homing device, since it was a given that it would eventually get lost being how small it was.

A couple of weeks ago we were going down to my sister-in-law’s house to get the family together, and I noticed that Greg had his phone, wallet and nano all stacked up on the bar.  Sometimes he brings his iPod in my car to have a different music selection, so I assumed this was the plan.  He was outside doing something and we were about to leave so I grabbed all these items plus some sippy cups, along with who knows what else and shoved them in my purse.  I set everything in the cup holder in my car, where Greg saw them—then I promptly moved them somewhere else that I cannot recollect because he brought along a couple of drinks for us.  I have torn apart my car, my purse, and even had my sister-in-law check her  house—still, it hides…Nothing…  When I told G. that I couldn’t find it, and how sorry I was, he was so cool about it.  We just keep thinking it will show up like my watch did.  So, my saintly hubs was very kind about the mishap.  Given my track records with electronics, I’m sort of surprised I wasn’t served.

Not to worry, though, he had another opportunity this week to choose his reaction.  He didn’t do so well.  On Monday when he got home from work he couldn’t find the little keyboard that we use to control our P.C. through our television.  I couldn’t either and none of us had used it at all that day.  Its last appearance was in Greg’s possession on Sunday afternoon.  Okay, so I’m thinking he set it somewhere, but he’s thinking our god-forsaken children played with that too, on top of everything else that isn’t sacred in our house.  God, I hoped he wasn’t right, because this becomes my fault since they are on my watch 75 percent more of the time than they are on his.  Mother’s out there are you with me?

At one point as he is looking around he says “If I don’t find it soon, I am about to get really pissed!  Just giving you the head’s up.”  Thanks…thanks for that.  Now I have to try not to laugh and send him over the edge sooner.  Too late…he’s mad and storming around like Angry Dad, hoisting up sofas to look underneath, pulling out their cushions and acting overly disgusted at what is hiding underneath them (not the nano or the remote.)  He flipped over his recliner, went through the garbage can, and finally after feeling up his Lazy Boy with such aggression I am surprised he didn’t get a restraining order slapped against him keeping his  from sitting in his beloved chair.  It did cough up the remote, though.  Even after it was found, he was still mad.  Ahh?  I think he’s the one that lost it, but he’s just sure that the boys played with it in his chair.  Then it acted funny like it was squished in the cushions—so 30lb. Pierce created the force that would flatten a keyboard?  Me thinks someone is in denial.  I pretty much silently left to go to my client’s after that fiasco.

He got me back though…he was spraying for weeds when he got to the bottom of the pump sprayer, and it wouldn’t turn off.  So while he was frantically trying to shut off the spray , it was landing all over my potted sweet potato vine.  That’s stuff isn’t weed killer—it’s just a killer of all things green, and my plant is no different.  It’s looking pretty pathetic, but I say we’re even now…Somehow, I don’t think Greg agrees…