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Pierce’s third birthday party was yesterday at our house.  I finally got smart and just invited family—not because we don’t love all of our friends (actually they probably love us more since they didn’t get an invitation to come.)  My house is little, and it was just getting too hard to have 20-25 adults and children in our house.  I began to wonder if anyone was having a good time amidst the chaos.  At some point I will probably have to just have kids at some bounce house place, or something of that nature, but I’m not ready for that yet.

I made the cake for the party.  Remember the post where my oven stopped heating, but everything else about the stove worked fine?  Then we found out it would cost at least $200 dollars to fix a $500 dollar appliance, so we spent the $200 on a Breville toaster/convection oven?  Well, it has been a perfectly awesome solution until we are ready to replace all the appliances in the kitchen.  Perfectly awesome until I need to bake two things at once…while everyone else is putting in double ovens in their kitchens, I am working off an, albeit, gourmet toaster oven, but it’s still small, none-the-less.

So this cake that I made for the birthday was 4 layers—each baked individually, while I sat on the sofa, watched TV and played Words With Friends.  Greg and I were actually well prepared in advance for this party, so it was rather leisurely.  Knowing that a four layer cake can get caddywhampus easily, I figured if I made it look like a giant pile of dirt with worms crawling out of it for our Halloween themed birthday party, all the better!  Two layers each of chocolate and white cake, whipped chocolate frosting, chocolate teddy grahams pulverized, and gummy worms made for a perfectly delicious and disgusting birthday cake.  The only bad part was that after Pierce opened gifts, we got busy cutting cake and forgot to do candles and sing to my little overlooked second child.  Thanks to one of my guests, we revised our plan to sticking a candle in Pierce’s piece of cake and carried on the tradition that way.  I’m not even sure if I even have pictures of any of this, which is probably better that I forget, since Pierce still doesn’t know how to use a fork.  The amount of cake and frosting in the three-foot radius where he was sitting was horrifying—thank god for Canadian Mist and it’s dulling effect on my rage…let’s face it—I am much better at adult gatherings than children’s parties.

The other kids that came were my niece and nephew, and my best friend’s little boy.  R. my nephew is seven months younger than Mikey, so they love to play together.  True to Donovan genes, he has a wicked sense-of humor, too.  We ordered pizza for the party, and Robbie being a horribly picky eater, will only eat pizza without pizza sauce, so when I went into the playroom to announce the arrival, his first response was to jump up and down, bolt out the door, and enthusiastically exclaim “Yay!  I love pizza!”  As he was getting smaller, retreating across the hall towards the kitchen, I said, “It has red sauce—you still want some?”  He was back in the playroom like shot, as though he never left with a quick “Nope.”  His exuberance disappeared with the swiftness of manic depression—hilarious.   J.  his little sister who is about to turn two, toddled everywhere on a mission.  She is a chunk of deliciousness that doesn’t take no for an answer, and isn’t particularly graceful in her pursuits.  My sister (Auntie Good Times—who now feels compelled to change her fancy name, because people at the party wanted to know what kind of “good times” she offered…hmmm?  Naughty Good Times?) were standing out back debating on whether J.s parents put bourbon in her milk because she paced in circles taking it all in while stumbling haphazardly over everything in her path like bulldozer–happy as a clam in her clumsy stupor.

It was a fun party, and we were all cleaned up and asleep by 10 p.m., and conversely to the night before, the boys stayed asleep and I got to spend the whole night in my own bed!