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Halloween was a hit!  My Ghastly ghouls were frightening in their glowing and floating mystery—and the home-made costumes held up!  I remember how exciting this holiday was as a kid!  We could hardly concentrate in school, and thank God we lived in northern Minnesota where it was getting dark at 5:30 p.m.  We didn’t have to wait too long to start hitting up the ‘hood for some candy.  For all of its magic, though, it was even more magical watching my own children cavort through the streets like shrouded wood nymphs.  I couldn’t believe how much fun it was for me this year, with Pierce wildly into the process of Trick-or-Treating and Mikey practicing his script of “Trick-or-Treat,” Thank-you,” and “Happy Halloween!”  The generous candy givers were quite taken with the idea of home-made costumes, and good old-fashioned ghosts, at that!

After sufficient candy treats, the boys went off to bed, only to awake this morning to my agenda of taking down the decorations.  It was hard for them to get too sad about it, when I told them that Christmas was around the corner.  With Halloween long forgotten, we have our sights set on the Holidays, and what other kind of awesome loot we can get.