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Remember when I said that I had to remove a window to get a piece of furniture into a room in my house, and then cracked the window when I put it back in?  And remember when I removed it again to have a new window put in as well as pocket door so that I could get the very same piece of furniture back out if we ever decided to move?

Anyhoo, that was about five years ago…I replaced the window with one of those fancy tilt-out, double-paned ones and never looked back.  Since I have always had some piece of furniture or other in front of it, I’ve never been ambitious enough to clean it.  I tried once to remove the screen from the outside to clean it, but (apparently—after bending the screen) I learned that it had to be removed from the inside.  Oh well…water spots be damned.  That is, until Monday, when I got busy opening up the house to let the cool Fall breeze blow through my rooms.  What the heck, I’ll tilt the fancy, schmancy “new (five-year-old) window” out and clean it—it’s probably about time.  Once I figured out that part (without really moving the furniture around it) I got it out of sync where one side was up further than the other.  Surely I can fix that.  I’ll just get to cleaning.  Wait, what’s this string that isn’t attached to the glidy-y thing that moves the window up and down the track?  The other side is attached.  Hmmm…not sure what happened next except that the window came out of the track and the glid-y thing that was attached shot straight up to the center of the window with lightning speed.  Now one was up, one was down, the 50lbs. window was sitting on the window sill, and the bent up screen was falling into the room getting in my problem-creating/ problem-solving way.

Off I went to get a screw driver to push the glid-y thing back down to the bottom of the track where I could try to position the window back in place.  Yeah…I muscled it about 7 inches where the attached string broke the plastic and rendered the balance mechanism useless.  That’s the part that holds the window in place when it’s open.  DAMN!  I called the guy that installed it, and he gave me some numbers to chase down parts and very likely a technician to install them.  In the meantime, it’s about 65 degrees with a significant wind chill and a very good possibility that Mikey could roll out the open hole into the back yard when he sleeps in his bed that night.

So, after a few phone calls and finding out that the manufacturer is now defunct, I did reach a company that had the parts.  They would be out that afternoon for a mere $85 plus the cost of the parts.  Oh!  Is that all?  The hours came and went, and just to be safe, I somehow got the window back in and pushed as far closed as possible.  It wasn’t without chipping the corners of the drywall around the opening and straining my body to do it, though.  Nobody showed…which was fairly typical since I was already on the slippery slope of my ambivalence toward contractors in recent weeks.  I couldn’t do anything about it the next day, so yet another 24 hours passed with a cool draft blowing through the inch opening at the bottom.   I stuffed a towel in the space so that my child wouldn’t turn blue in the thin hours of Wednesday morning.

Naturally, I had to call again and practically beg someone to take my money to fix my window, but we muddled through the confusion and a very nice guy came out and fixed it FOR $132!  Greg thinks that I am the master of breaking all things.  Sadly, he’s sort of right…