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Today is the fourth day in the single greatest milestone as parents!  Last Friday, I dropped Pierce at his Nana’s house while I met with a client.  She always has better luck with getting him to use the potty than I do.  Her secret is that she asks him every 30 minutes if he needs to go, wherein he responds with a “no” that gets louder and more emphatic every time she asks the question.  I guess after he becomes sufficiently tired of being grilled about his bathroom needs, her surrenders and uses the potty.  I can’t seem to get into this training regimen with him when I’m tied up in other household nonsense.

So, when she took care of him last Friday, he came to her and said that he needed to go, and required her help to get his pants down.  Apparently she had just finished doing her nails.  Explaining that she couldn’t help him because her polish was still wet, he would need to shimmy the pants off himself.  Lo and behold, he did it after significant but methodical struggling and hip gyrations!  I guess this is what he has been waiting for…learning to pull his pants down.  Until this point, it was far easier to piddle in his pants than be bothered with the whole act of undressing.

Here it is!  The moment we have waited 6 years for!  We have not changed a diaper (pull-up) since last Thursday!  It is fantastic!!!!!!  I guess I can unpack his suitcase, because he won’t need to go live in that nudist colony after all, just so we can say he’s potty trained.  Tune in for the next milestone—the one where he learns to put his pants back on!