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I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, and I just now have time to sit down and write a post.  Where to start…Mikey has one day left of Christmas vacation, and it has actually gone fast (as opposed to the slow drudgery of summer vacation.)

As of January first, the design business has exploded!  I have had hardly a moment to think in the last week, and I love it, except that I am in a quandary about child care.  The grandma’s are getting a little old to chase little ones, answer a million questions, and play referee more than once or twice a week for a few hours, but the design trade like so many businesses are “feast or famine.”  Just when I get locked into a daycare schedule for Pierce, business will flat line for a moment, and we all know that whether you drop your child off or not, you pay for your days.  I am waiting for the perfect scenario to present itself, but in the meantime, I stress…

I haven’t been able to play Words with Friends in a week.  I imagine my opponents think something untimely has happened to me or my scrabble skills.

Then, finally!  A night way in my favorite place in Florida—St. Augustine!  Yesterday Greg and I dropped the boys at Grammy and Papa’s at about 11a.m. and shot out of town.  Ninety miles in drive and almost 500 years in the past, and we were at our destination.  First stop:  Café Alcazar.  It is this wonderful little restaurant/café in the Lightner Museum which used to be a health club for the “Fah Fahs” of the early 20th century.  The restaurant is at the deep end of what once was a huge swimming pool.  The architecture and acoustics are wonderful for background music played by either an accomplished piano player or classical guitarist.  Then there is the food.  We hadn’t eaten there since Mikey was born, and it was as fantastic yesterday as it was 7 years ago.  I definitely recommend it followed by a stroll through some of the antique shops and boutiques that take up residence in the old museum.  There is a courtyard with lovely gardens and a koi pond to photograph while resting on a park bench.  The building also houses several government agencies, so if you find yourself needing to manage your probation status because you did something naughty after too many beers on George Street, the corrections office is there, too.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast called the Casablanca Inn which is across from the Fort.  It had great service, a martini bar, and designated parking, which is a real plus, since I have seen the little guy driving the even smaller car with “Meter Maid” menacingly printed on a laughingly unimpressive something or “nother that I think passes for a car.  He takes no prisoners—just lots of tourist dollars.

St Augustine is one of those places that a person could go every day of the year and still find yet another hole in the wall shop, bar or restaurant to try.  Greg and I prefer to walk the side streets searching for these hidden gems rather than Potter’s Wax Museum, Ripley’s or some of the other good tourist traps.

The reason we made this little trip is because today is our 18th wedding anniversary.  Imagine that!  And we still like each other!  It was 18 years ago today that Auntie Good Times lost my wedding band before the ceremony, and I had to get married with my grandmother’s ring.  No biggie…but after the tea reception that followed, she went and changed out of her bridesmaids dress and found my ring in her panty hose.  I guess it slid off her finger when she had used the ladies’ room and then was putting herself back together.  Girls, you know how fun those undergarments can be to pull back into place after a trip to the bathroom.  So, Happy Anniversary Greg and Kathy as today marks a very important day in my memory!