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Today was the last day of Christmas vacation for Mikey.  It was warm and lovely, and because I’ve been so busy lately, I decided to take them to the park for bit and then McDonalds for lunch.  The trees around the playground area are sycamores and maples so they drop prickly little seed pods, everywhere.


While I was cleaning up Pierce after his lollipop from the bank, Mikey decided to play around in the parking lot checking out these funny little spikey balls.  He named one Marcus, and Marcus came with us onto the playground to have some fun, too.  That’s the new thing my six-year-old does—he names things these random names—like Marcus or Lula.  It’s quite amusing, especially when he does it because he knows it’s ridiculous and silly.


Anyway, Marcus had a pretty good time climbing the steps, swinging in the swings, and being thrown around, until I got a phone call, and Mikey was left to his own devices.  By the time I hung up, poor Marcus was lost.  We looked and looked, and finally we found one that looked a lot like him, so we decided that it was.  We also found Spike.  The two of them had a wonderful time on the rings, stepping platforms and the slide, until we lost Marcus again on one of his trips through the air…


As we were leaving, Pierce wanted to look for more “ice cream cones” (pinecones.)  Both boys, a little short on listening skills, stepped in a fire ant mound and paid the price.  One of them (Mikey) did it twice because he wasn’t paying attention.  Good times…


Before the wrath of the colony, we documented our time with Marcus and Spike playing on the playground.  Enjoy the pictures!