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I have been so busy lately that I have hardly a moment to write a blog post, let alone the focus to even see when the Donovan Boy’s do something to document. However, we had an experience over Christmas vacation that I was too exhausted to write about. But in telling the story at my parents’ house the other night, I realized it was funny and worth telling. Now if I can just get my wits about me enough to organize my thoughts.
Mikey and Pierce’s birthdays are in August and October. Being the awesome mom that I am, I got them in for their annual check-ups and flu shots the first week of January. I mentioned the appointment to Michael a couple of weeks prior to this, and having a steel trap in place of a logical brain, he immediately realized (through memory) that he would need a shot. So periodically he would broach the subject in the preceding days, but thank heavens we had Christmas to soften the blow and distract his focus.
Finally the day arrived…there were no more excuses and fun times to buffer the forthcoming needle. We talked about how it would be a sting and that I would rub it, and it would be over in a minute. Here is how the office visit went:
11:10am.—we check in at the desk, I realize that I forgot the insurance card that would prove that it would pretty much cover nothing EXCEPT this appointment, and I was asked if I knew that my appointment for Pierce was at 11? Yes…I’m sorry…no I didn’t call ahead, but Mikey’s is at 11:30, so hopefully the Dr. can see both boys at the same time. They were cool about it, but I guess I won’t be late again. (Except that I probably will…)
11:13am.—we learned about spiders in the waiting room through some horrible arachnid magazine, but were saved quickly by the nurse calling our names.
11:25am.—After weight and height checks, we were tucked away in a room where I was given paper robes and told to undress the boys to their underwear and help them wrap themselves into the lovely geisha-like kimonos, where they proceeded to bounce off the walls more like inmates in the asylum than geisha’s in a Japanese men’s club.
11:who know’s what—p.m.? The Dr. comes in and does his exam of both kids, and then asks them if they ever eat any green vegetable. Mikey responds, “Nooo.” (In his “don’t be silly” voice) and outs me as a horrible mother. The good part is that the Doc said how important it is to get green veggies 2 to 3 times a week. This will work on Mikey but hardly Pierce. I think in the weeks following, I got him to eat two miniscule pieces of broccoli.
Then comes the eye exam for Michael—the same one last year that pretty much confirmed his ADHD issue for all of the staff and me. This year it was much better because he could sort of figure how to do what they were asking as far as reading the chart. Not great, though, from the standpoint that he had trouble with the line third up from the bottom on the children’s eye chart. Let’s be honest…so did I, but I wasn’t there to discuss my old eyes—I was there as chauffeur. We couldn’t tell if he was just goofing off or if really couldn’t see everything. Doc told me that it might be worth having a full eye exam because if this one could possibly be accurate, he was 40/20 which was the point at which a child would wear glasses. I didn’t want to hide those gorgeous aquamarine eyes behind glasses, but what could I do?
Anyway, moving along to more pressing and scary things. Flu shots! I even asked if they could give me one so that I could show solidarity to my children and maybe take some of the fear out of it for Mikey. I did my best to act like it was the easiest and quite possibly the least painful thing I have ever done—right up there with sleeping in or eating cake and ice cream. Pierce didn’t know what hit him, but he tried to pull away, and looked angered and insulted, but that was the extent of his drama.
Then there’s my neurotic one. The Nurse and I cajoled, reasoned, I threatened, and then finally I just grabbed him and held him fast by wrapping my arms and legs around him disabling him entirely while he screamed and cried. The great part is how the drama stopped like turning off a faucet as soon as she poked him and removed the needle. It was almost as though he was embarrassed that it was such a non-issue after all. Tune in next year when we do it all again…
Eyesight Epilogue
Conveniently putting Mikey’s failing eyesight out my mind like I did their check-ups, I was reminded when he came home last week and said, “Mrs. K. says my eyes are getting worse.” Uh…what? “Yeah, I have trouble seeing the words on the board so I write some right and then some whatever.” Huh? Why can’t you see the board? “Because she write’s so small.” Oh no. I need to get on addressing this, and now my little boy will have to wear glasses. What’s this going to cost? How long before he breaks or loses them? I asked Melissa, my neighbor, who tutors him and is also a first grade teacher, if she saw any evidence of poor eyesight with him. She told me to find out if they have had their vision exam at school. Talk to his teacher and find out if she is seeing a problem. Frankly, I was surprised that she hadn’t contacted me if this was a problem. Great idea, I would call her in the morning before I start making more dr.appointments.
So I did. I told her the conversation we had pretty much verbatim of the one above. She said that he already sits in the front row, and no she has not had that particular conversation with him nor has she seen anything that would allude to needing glasses. No, they hadn’t had their vision screening yet, but the day before “A student Mikey particularly likes forgot her glasses and had to switch seats to see the board.” Interesting…his crush forgot her specs, and he got the gist of his teacher’s management of the situation and decided it would probably be cool to have glasses just like this free-spirited little girl that he follows around. Whewwww! The good news is that he doesn’t appear to need glasses. The bad news is that he is a “playah” when it comes to his mom, but not so much with the chicks…