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Auntie’s back in town, and the boys love it!  She came over the other evening, and Michael, with a belly full of McDonald’s and the knowledge of his impending visit from his favorite auntie; he bounced off the walls at his tutoring session.  I’m thinking it wasn’t terribly rewarding for him or Melissa.

One of Mikey and Pierce’s favorite games these days is hide-and-go-seek combined with scaring the person that they are hunting for.  The thing that isn’t very effective is their understanding of the how the game works—like the hiding part.  Neither of them is terribly stealth at finding a hiding place, staying put AND being quiet while the seeker seeks.

So, the other day when Auntie came to play (with her sister), Mikey didn’t take “no” for an answer.  After as much delaying as possible, she went off to play on his terms—no easy feat—he has tons of rules that take all the fun out of it.  I think this is about how it went:

“Auntie!  Let’s play Hide and Go Seek!  You and Pierce go hide.”  Off they went with Pierce giggling and snickering, already blowing their cover.  At one point, I was sitting at the dining room table and Kathy and Pierce chose to hide behind it.  As they are trying their best at being inconspicuous, I muttered that the first words out of Mikey’s mouth when he entered the room would be “Where’s Auntie.”  Because, let’s face it, he really doesn’t want to look for her.  True to form, that’s exactly how it played out.  When that was sufficiently boring, the game evolved into:  “Auntie!  Let me tell you where to hide, and then I will come and find you AND scare you!”  Auntie, being the good sport said “Okay.”

Here were his directives:  “Okay, Auntie.  Go outside in the back yard by the fence, and look at it.  Don’t turn around, and I will come and scare you.”  Naturally, when the CEO speaks, people listen!  As she stood staring at the fence trying to tune out the sound of him galloping up behind her with the stealth of a six-year-old boy with moderate hyper-activity disorder and absolutely no self-awareness, she waited to feign startling.  Then she confessed…”Mikey, you need to try to be as quiet as possible if you are going to tell someone where to hide and then sneak up behind them.  Let’s try again.”  With a little change of venue—she was ordered to the other end of the back yard to stare at the other fence while he snuck up on her.  Taking her advice, he succeeded (sort of) in scaring her—as much as possible when the “hider” has been told all the rules of engagement and been given the itinerary.  They don’t call her Auntie Good Times without good reason!