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This last weekend while the northeastern U.S. tunneled out from under three feet of snow, we took the kids to the beach.  Before you seethe with jealousy, I will confess we wore jeans and long sleeve shirts.  There were, however, some crazies in bathing suits and cavorting in the waves perhaps they were convulsing?)

A beautiful, breezy afternoon at Ponce Inlet walking in the sand;  could it get better?.  There were parasails attached to people who were letting the wind pull them along the edge of the surf like skaters being towed by rainbows.

I suspect somebody got married on the beach that morning, as there was a haphazard evidence of bridal bouquets.  The beach was strewn with random stemmed sunflowers, daisies, and rose petals.  What a lovely day for it, if the betrothed wore sweaters.

The tide was low, so it left silvery rivers connecting tidal pools that would have made wonderful bathtubs were it July, but alas, it is February so they made for better photography. The boys enjoyed tossing clumps of wet beach sand into the puddles while watching them explode like flower through a sifter settling to the bottom.

Dolphins frolicked in the inlet (but we tried to tell Mikey they were sharks), and the pelicans were numerous (but we told Mikey they were Pteranodon), so the fishing must have been exceptional.

Pierce was always 50 feet behind us.  Like his dad, he likes company, but that doesn’t mean he needs to interact with them.  He just likes them around.  The kid would have played on the edge of the surf forever.  Forget hollering into the wind, to get him to catch up with us, though.  That didn’t work very well.  I think we walked a mile or more by the time we got back to the car.  Unfortunately it took us two days given Pierce’s enthusiasm for the ocean sands, and his apathy about listening to his parents.

It was a beautiful day for all four of us!  Enjoy the photos.