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Mikey got this little tiny astronaut from the treasure box at school, way back at the beginning of the school year.  It looks like the one from the early days of MTV that they used to advertise the channel when it actually played music videos.

Naturally, Mikey and his sophisticated tastes, lost interest in the little figure pretty much as soon as he picked it up and put it in his backpack, but Pierce stumbled upon it one day, and they have been fast friends ever since.

Once a few weeks back, I let him take it to Alyna’s house where her mom watches him when I have to work.  When I came to pick him up and got him strapped into his car seat, he realized that he left his 2” tall astronaut in their house.  Great…it could be anywhere.  We couldn’t find it, so through tears and tantrums, I put Alyna’s family on the lookout for the orange moon man.  Thankfully, he returned home the next day!

Last night Pierce took his little friend to bed with him, which as you can imagine, is easy to lose among the bed covers and between the mattress and the wall.  During a fitful night’s sleep, one of the times I came to the surface, I thought I could hear a voice calling out.  I tried to ignore it until the mother instinct kicked up with concerns about a possibly sick child.  Finally, I dragged myself out of bed a 4:15am to check on Pierce.   Through his sobs, I discerned that he had awakened and couldn’t find his astronaut.  REALLY?!   He told me he fell between the bed and the wall, and to “get it!”  Uhhh..NO.  I wasn’t about to turn the light on , pull the bed away from the wall, shove my chubby arm down the narrow space, and feel blindly for that damn toy!  Not especially with Mikey sleeping in the other bed.  Because the only way this could get to be even more fun is having both of them awake.

I told Pierce that I would get it in the morning.  Well, that sent him into one of his emotional tailspins that had him crying angrily in the small hours of the morning.  I told him I needed to use the bathroom, and then I snuck off to my bed, only to lay there listening to his demands and tears, just waiting for Mikey to wake up.  When I didn’t arrive in sufficient time to console my child and his MIA astronaut, he decided to play daddy (easy target—except for when dad is in bed.)  “Daddy!  Daaadddddyyyyy—want Daaadddyyy!  Where are you Daadddyyy!  Daddy, come here, Daaaddddy.”  Laughing but terrified of what might possibly come next, I threatened “Daaadddyyyy” with his life if he went and found that astronaut for our tantrum-having child.  Silly me…Greg was half asleep—nothing could guilt trip him in that state.  Still…we worried about Mikey having a lousy night’s sleep when he had school today, so I went into talk to Pierce, and lie down with him for a bit.  I managed to get him to calm down, except when I told him I would find the astronaut “tomorrow.”  Oops…he quickly started to whine, “No, find it in the morning!”  Whatever…semantics…at least he had surrendered to not having me find it right then.

After some time he finally fell back to sleep, and once again I returned to my bed.  When I went into the boy’s room this morning to get Mikey’s school clothes ready, I saw that damn astronaut lying on the floor next to Pierce’s bed.  Thank-you, cover-of-darkness, for sacrificing my sleep and testing my patience.  If only I had seen the stupid thing at 4:15a.m., I wouldn’t need a nap by 9:15a.m.