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I love doing design and creating new things for my home like lighting, furniture, etc., but let’s face it…it’s difficult to get into the minds of other people and marry what they want with what they want to spend, and as far as making more stuff for my home—well, I’m full up!  Marketing myself and hawking my wares to everyone I come in contact with is not my talent, either.  I don’t want to spend 80 percent of my time preparing for the 20 percent creative part.  Call me a child, a dreamer, an ass—whatever—that’s me!

After this past holiday weekend where I spent the majority of my time haunting some of Central Florida’s outdoor charms with my family, and then writing about one of them on my blog, I thought that maybe this is what I should be doing. 

Taking photos and describing our experiences is a lot of fun for me.  I like to see if I can actually take the reader there as though they were seeing it through their own eyes.  I feel like it pays homage and expresses gratitude for the experience and encourages others to try it themselves.  Do I have grand dreams of being in Budapest with an article travelling at lightning speed through the circuits to the right desk at National Geographic before summer’s end?  Hell no!  I don’t even have a passport!  I can’t even visit my sister in the Bahamas at this point, but I do live in Florida.  What better destination spot to seek out the well kept secrets and find a way to funnel more visitors to them so that they are no longer secrets!  (I hope I don’t end up hating myself for this—traffic is bad enough.)

What’s challenging for me is figuring out how to get my posts to the right publications and people, AND make money on it.  The beautiful thing about my idea is that I would be present for the majority of my boys’ childhood, as well as the experiences we would have together.

I’ll be honest—this is one of about a zillion ideas I have in mind to maintain my creative edge, stay fresh and experience who I am.  I get bored easily with the confining parameters of any career after a while, so I just want to try to do a little of everything.  Look out people!  You are in the presence of a MASTER!  A Master of None!  But I think I could have fun and be interesting in that role.

Anyone have any good suggestions on where to start besides my blog?