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I have been trying to figure out how I can make this writing thing a career, as anyone who read my blog “New Possibilities” a couple of days ago knows.  I usually jump in and fly by the seat of my pants.  Who has time to learn from the people who actually did it—I got goals to achieve!  Although I have a nice steady following on my blog that isn’t just my family, my daily stats are still sort of lean.  Let me take this moment to thank everyone who finds what I have to say interesting enough to receive emails about my next story—you make this worthwhile!  And to all of you for whom I have had little time to visit your blogs—forgive me, and keep plugging along!  We all want the same thing and there is enough to go around!

After avoiding tutorials and advice, desperation has compelled me to see what the successful writers and/or bloggers have done to generate a following and an income.  The main things with blogging were content—offer something—like a product,  a “how to” tutorial,  or useful information, as well as photographs, and videos.

Now, I truly thought I was offering useful information on how NOT to parent two little boys, but it seems there are enough parents out there that have already learned that.  I still plan to write about them for sheer entertainment, because let’s face it, the marketing tactic in this is that misery loves company, and surely people like to laugh at somebody else parenting experiences.  I know I am always up for a good laugh!

So, to show you that although I am not an expert parent, I am pretty creative gal, and through trial and error, I have learned how to do some cool things!  Now and then I will pepper my blog with posts on “how to’s” for decorating, design, and furniture refinishing.

One of the things I have enjoyed since Pierce came along, is re-newing furniture pieces with painted finishes and hand painting.  I had a job working for Benjamin Moore Paints years ago that taught me an invaluable amount about finish, color, prep, and tools.  It also allowed me to get product at cost, so I was able to experiment.  This was actually my launching point into design.  Look for my next post explaining how to finish your own piece of furniture.   While you marinate over that, here are some pictures of furniture I have done!