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Pierce’s command of the language isn’t as accurate as his brother’s, but man it’s funny!

The other day he got hollered at for something which he handled with his usual grace.  His face crumpled silently into a horrible expression until he had sucked in enough oxygen to scream and cry with the fury needed to tell us how much we have hurt him.  Then he toddled off to his room leaving sobs echoing in his wake.  He parked himself on the floor next to Mikey’s bed and continued his wounded sob fest.  When I finally went in to talk him down, he used his usual response–spiting himself to make a point.  Trying to tease him out of his “reverie,”  I laughed and cajoled to no avail.  This is what I was told:  “Go in the ‘yiving’ room with daddy and watch a movie!”  So I asked him what he was going to do if I left.  “I’m going to jus’ sit here and ‘p-wry!’”   I couldn’t make him laugh, but thanks, Pierce, for making me laugh!

I have tried to subject the boys to different songs so that we can have more of a variety when we are in the car.  It hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped, because it seems that they are only able to like one or two songs at any given time.  Right now we have four in our playlist between the two boys.  They are as follows:  “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog, for Mikey, and “Home” by Phullup Phullups (Another one of Pierce’s accurate pronunciations.)  They came by these songs because I liked them.  The operative word here is “liked” as in 4, 300, 072 plays ago.  In my need to express how much I need to be sedated, I got them hooked on the Ramone’s “Sedated” and “Blitzkrieg Bop.”  Pierce started asking for “Piece of Didid,” which took me awhile to make the connection.  Now we all like “Piece of Didid.”

Yesterday, the boys were playing a video game which will remain nameless so as to avoid the reader passing judgement—and no, it wasn’t Grand Theft Auto—I am not THAT apathetic of a parent–just not wearing a “Halo.” tee…hee…  They were able to shoot at each other,though, and naturally Mikey is much more practiced than Pierce.  I kept hearing irritated squeals and whines from the kid room–A sound that has come to cause full body shivers.  It also causes us to have to mute our television, so we can listen and decide if we need to intervene with some screaming and hollering of our own.  The good part about this, is that we become privy to some of the best arguments.  Here is the gist of one that happened yesterday:  (P)  “Mikey stop!  Stop shooting me!  Whaahhhwhahhhh!”  (M)  Laughing maniacally “That’s how you’re supposed to play the game!”  (P)  “But Mikey, I’m not the ‘emeny’!  I’m not the ‘emeny,’ Mike!”  (M)  “It’s ‘EN’emy!  ‘EN’emy, Pierce!” (P) “I’m not the ‘emeny’!” 

Today, we are off to the zoo, so I imagine I will need “Piece of Didid” playing both on the way there and on the way home!