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So, I found a comment in my spam queue that I am not entirely sure wasn’t spam, but it had some good advice.  It talked about a catchier title for my blog post “How to renew furniture and make it one of a kind,” posting photos or videos of the process (I totally agree, but at the time I was doing the project, I was way more interested in jumping in feet first than stopping to photo-document everything), and considering a “less vanilla” name for “The Donovan Boys.” 

I’m cool with changing the name of the post, and I’m 10 steps ahead of you in preparing to track my future projects through their process more thoroughly, but I struggle with changing the name of my blog…  Not at all because, I think it is the most inventive and catchy title ever, but because to the people who don’t know me, it’s probably doesn’t really draw them in…But I am sentimental…and my children provide the fodder for the majority of my posts—don’t’ they deserve some credit?  Is there a way I can “evolve” the name?   HELP!

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