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Hey Orpah!  I have a creepy problem.  So I know that as a mom, who blogs,and who has two little boys, that there will be many posts about potty training, accidents, children’s lack of modesty, and any number of disgusting, “snips and snails” type stuff.  There is absolutely nothing alluring about any of this subject matter.  In fact it could be considered a type of birth control.  I have hoped that my stories have simply allowed my readers to laugh at the frequent misfortune and torture that I suffer at the hands of my little guys.

What I didn’t expect, and for months, have tried desperately to ignore are some of the “search terms” that have led people to my blog.  Here is a couple that I have seen repeatedly (almost on a daily basis):

  1. Boys in undies
  2. Pants down
  3. Boys without wearing any clothes
  4. Boys+with+no+undies
  5. Boys in underpants with no clothes on
  6. Boys no undies
  7. Boys in underpants
  8. Older boy in underpants

See a yucky pattern here?  No wonder we call it “Googling.”  Granted there are tons of other search terms that are benign, and even  some of the formerly stated may not be as sinister as I think, but it still gives me the heebie jeebies.  It bothers me more that I have posted these silly little stories about raising little boys that most people can identify with, and my tags have brought some strange views.  It’s eye-opening to see and think about how much of this compulsion is out there.  Knowing that using my children as a writing muse for anyone in the whole world to see has its risks; I really don’t worry much about negative repercussions.  I truly believe that people are essentially kind, and if they aren’t they will be mysteriously guided away from my story—there is simply anything here to see.  None-the-less, everyday (it seems like) someone (probably with their hand in their pants) has been directed to my blog by searching “boys without clothes,” or some variation of it.  I am sure they are wholly disappointed when they get there, but it never ceases to unnerve me.