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Hey Oprah!  Sorry about that situation with the handbag and Switzerland…it always sucks when humans draw conclusions about other humans based on appearances when they are usually way off the mark.  Lord knows I find myself still doing it, no matter how inaccurate I am, I never seem to learn.  My mantra needs to be “Nothing is ever how it seems!” Back to nasty sales associates, though, customer service is about courtesy and assistance first and foremost, but I guess some of the “Fa Fa’s” think that arrogance and judgment make expensive things even that much more covet-able.  Anyway, I digress…I would like to see that handbag, though! 

Instead, I am sitting here in my jammies, watching one of my children naked from the waist down playing and conversing with his older brother about “poo poo diaper babies” and playing video games.  In my mind, I am going over the reaction Pierce is going to give me tomorrow, when he realizes that his summer, video game marathon has reached its conclusion.  Mikey returns to school; we all return to the confines of a schedule; and on some unconscious level, I think all of us are longing for this.  A person can only go so long with no real itinerary before they feel adrift and purposeless…even a child I think. 

I suspect the daily schedule of playing with his brother and honing his gaming skills during these last two weeks of summer vacation will cause the delirium tremens in Pierce tomorrow.  I am going to have to keep him busy.  I’m thinking the violent rejection of withdrawal in the form of vomiting and severe pain, will be mine, though, since he will probably needle me constantly to let him play. 

First Day of School!

Wow! Mikey handled everything in stride this morning.  When we got to the car ramp school to drop him off, there were more cars and parents than I have ever seen.  The schools got rezoned this year, so we have an additional 100 students, and I think all of their parents drove them to school today.  Mikey was supposed to meet his class in the auditorium, but there was a change at the last minute where he was told to go straight to his class room.  We did a dry run on the night he met his teacher, so although he looked a bit nervous, he appeared managed just fine. 

When we got home, Pierce (naturally) wanted to start his gaming marathon.  I told him he had 1 hour, and then he would be done for the day.  He asked “until tomorrow?”  Yup.  I also said that he better not cry and throw a tantrum when his hour was up or he wouldn’t play tomorrow.  Guess who amicably turned the tv off and handed me the game controller at the conclusion of his 60 minutes of fun?  Can you believe it?  Mr. Pierce was perfectly delightful about his end of the deal! 

I know that videos games are controversial in the realm of parenting, and especially the one’s my children play since they were their dad’s before his gaming days were replaced with diaper changes, feeding and bathing.  I have even had a certain amount of shame around the fact that I have let them play as much as I have.  This summer was worst, because we didn’t do anything.  No vacations and no organized schedule.  They wanted to play constantly, and I got tired of saying NO! I am also just about as lazy as the laziest human being if I am not forced to keep a schedule.  But something has changed in Michael.  You would think for the worse, but miraculously my nervous little boy has mellowed and matured in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.  I don’t know if it’s the occupational therapy that he has done for six months, growing up plain and simple, or maybe even playing video games; but he doesn’t worry about things nearly like he did.  He has managed to deal with the thunderstorms without tears and drama.  He seems to manage the unknown and unfamiliar with indifference, where before he would worry it from all angles.  I swear that the games he plays have helped him develop strategy, coping with the un-anticipated and simple management of unexpected situations.  He’s gotten very good at it while gaming, and I think it’s rubbing of in is daily life.  His teacher for kindergarten and first grade called me last Friday to let me know that once again, they were having issues with the fire alarm, and that it may go off randomly and multiple times today.  She prepped his new teacher for Michael’s issues with this and asked that maybe I could prep him over the weekend about the possibility.  He did ask on a few occasions if I thought it would go off.  I told him it might, but since the light flashes before the alarm makes any sound, he would be able to put his fingers in his ears before the noise started.  He was nervous, but not freaked!  This is huge!  I am so proud that he building his own coping mechanisms to deal with life’s unpleasantness.  My sweet little boy is growing up, and my other one continues to be a delight!