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Hey Oprah!  Since school started last week, I have learned something very impressive about myself.  My powers of manifestation are extremely powerful!  My husband would say that they are only so in the case of bad stuff, but he’s just negative about my power—oops, I mean he’s extremely positive about it.

It started back in July when my friend had her baby, and I told her that we needed to come and see him before the boys went back to school and we got the first colds of the year.  We never made the time, and here we are into the second week of school, and Mikey has a bad cold, Pierce had the stomach flu, and now I have a cold that I manifested because I kept saying “I think I am fighting something.”  So I guess I will meet Max next summer.

Here I sit, on a conference call, feeling crummy and working on my newly discovered power.  Power for good.  No more of this illness crap.  Oprah, I need a tutorial from you on how you managed to manifest your empire of goodness.  Hustle it up and read my blogs, surely I can do some comedy writing for you.  Maybe I can even paint a piece of furniture for you.  That would be cool, don’t you think?  I know this relationship requires a bit of give and take, and I suppose my blog posts don’t quite even out the friendship, but you really need to respond.  Maybe you’re torqued because I haven’t seen “The Butler” yet, but trust me, it’s only because I have two small children and I don’t think they would get it.  I would love to see it, I am sure your performance is just marvelous, plus you are surrounded by an outstanding cast!

While I await your response, these are the things I am working on personally manifesting for myself:

  1. The boys getting well and staying well for two months straight or longer.
  2. More design clients like the two that I am currently working with.  I love them!  They get it, and we are a perfect fit!
  3. More furniture re-newing projects from clients.  The weather will begin to come down to a nice temperate 85 degrees here soon, so my work space in the garage will be less of a sauna.
  4. More fun blog fodder from Mikey, Pierce and their dad.
  5. Winning Powerball numbers, so I can keep doing this design and decorating stuff and not worry about paying the bills.
  6. A smaller appetite for food.
  7. A larger appetite for destruction—I mean exercise.
  8. A desire to set up the easel and canvas in my garage and get back to painting.
  9. The ability to remember how to paint, and be good at it.
  10. Income—I’m expensive—I like nice things.  I can do without them, but life is a lot less interesting and inspired without the ability to create, and most of what I create costs something to get started.  This blog is the cheapest creative gig I’ve got, and it’s probably what I am best at.  It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s GOT to go viral!  C’mon peeps, it’s been two years!  (BTW, Thanks to everyone reading this and subscribing to my meanderings and rants!  Every view helps!)

And just so it doesn’t look like I’m only affirming my needs.  These are the things I currently have and am eternally grateful for:

  1. The health of all my friends and family members.  I am surrounded by wonderful, smart, funny and supportive people, which I accept totally as God’s grace.
  2. Believe it or not, my little home that I so badly wanted to sell a few years ago.  I find it a great comfort to go to bed each night and know that my two most precious gifts are asleep just across the hall.  We can’t escape each other very easily, but I really think living in close quarters makes for a better sense of community and family.  (Let me just qualify, though, that were there an opportunity to get into more square footage, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I would take it.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy what I have.)

There are gobs more things for which I am grateful that have appeared in my life with little thought or effort, but the two above are the most important.  We all have those things in our lives the compel us to make choices that are contrary to our highest vision of ourselves, but I am positive it’s a great deal more effective to remember that which we attract that builds us up.