Oprah!  Why haven’t your people contacted me—ahem—my people yet?  Between blog posts, I have been busting my hump with some new design projects and furniture re-newing.  It’s been fun, and it’s bringing in some income which is good, say the lenders.

I have even been back to painting on canvas.  Wanna see?  I’ll post some pics.  It’s been about 10 years since I have touched a brush to canvas for lack of space or time, but the itch simply got too strong.  With one child back in school and the other being raised by video games, I have a little more time to set up a space in the garage to get painting.  One of the ones that I painted was copied in my own style from a print called “Spirit of the Plains” by Bordi.  It was a picture that hung in my grandparent’s home while I was growing up.  I loved the idea of the storm chasing the mustangs across the plains.  It now hangs in my home, but it is warped, so I thought I would try my hand at reproducing it.


The other one was a photo that I took at Bok Tower.  A pot of succulents made a great muse for me, so that was my other venture back into the land of canvas and brushes.  It’s my fave of the two!  Unfortunately my photos still look washed out even after correcting them…035048

I told you a few posts ago about the crib painting experience that I won’t repeat at any cost.  Along with that I had another chest of drawers that was to be painted aqua over all with some chartreuse and black showing through. It’s been a long process that required a lot of playing with the finish on my part, but it worked and it’s really quite fun!  Here are a few pictures of the piece and also the room that it’s going in along with the burlap headboards that caused my tantrum over the crappy staple gun.283


Headboards with the bedding and window treatments I proposed, bed skirts are in process! This is the room the aqua dresser will go in!

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