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Hey Oprah!  I don’t know if you know this, but legend has it that there is a little boy that when he has sleep overs with his brother at his Grammy’s, all three of them sleep peacefully in a queen size bed.  By peacefully I mean that there is a lot of peace for boys that unwittingly flop around like fish out of water all night, kicking and elbowing Grammy until she comes up with the idea that they would have more space if they slept crosswise across the bed.  It isn’t known how that experiment played out.  What is known is at the point of bedtime when all is supposed to be quiet with the winding down of the day, everyone is supposed to lie still and drift off to sleep.  This little boy, for whom the legend was born, giggled and squirmed and when reminded by his Grammy to close his eyes, said simply in a perfectly delicious little voice “My eyes don’t want to close.”  It’s awful when one wants to sleep so desperately and their eyes won’t cooperate.

Legends are stories passed on that can’t truly be confirmed for accuracy, however, I can attest to its authenticity.  Greg flew to D.C. this week for a class, so I am playing the role of single mom with the boys.  This is very rare since his job doesn’t require travel.  As a treat I said that Mikey and Pierce could sleep in my bed with me.  When I say treat, I mean for them. 

With my fraidy-cats, I was required to go to bed at the same time with them.  To keep them from picking at each other I wedged myself between them.  As Mikey rolled the center of the bed (where I was supposed to be), he fell asleep rather quickly.  Pierce, on my other side, flippity-flopped, tried using me as a pillow, tried using a pillow as a pillow, tried sleeping facing me, tried facing away from me, tried sleeping with his head toward the foot of the bed, tried sleeping normally, and also tried telling me “My eye’s don’t want to close.”  Eventually, he did glue himself to me.  I ended up feeling like the thread that gets caught between the “hook and loop” sides of a piece of Velcro.  Yeah…my regret about inviting them to sleep with me began about 30 seconds in, but, thankfully, Greg called at 9:30 and I found myself reaching across the finally sleeping Pierce to grab the phone off my nightstand.  I wriggled out of my bed   hoping not to be discovered.

After my phone conversation, I debated going back to my bed  but then thought better of it and sneaked off to Pierce’s bed.  Ahhh…serenity….and space—I can move my arms and legs!  But for how long?  Not long before it was discovered that the sal-mommy in their sandwich had escaped.  I was forced by my little overlords to return to my bed, but I had their number.  This time I slept on the outside, so that I could sneak out again as soon as they were back to sleep.

By Wednesday night, they were back in their own beds, but not without me laying with them until they fell asleep, and it’s a given that sometime between 2a.m. and 4 a.m. Pierce will either cry for me or come to my bed and try out every sleeping position within millimeters of me for the next two hours. 

I love those boys, so much, but definitely not AS much in the thin morning hours…