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It is that time of year on Facebook where everyone who gripes all year about life gone wrong, does daily gratitude for things gone right for 30 days.  I don’t do much of either on Facebook, because, frankly, I don’t think anyone really finds my gripes or thrills that interesting.  What usually prompts me to remember the good parts of my life, is a week or two of feeling really ornery!  It’s a last-ditch effort to change the momentum of chronic bitching and bleakness.  Besides, Thanksgiving is next week—so, you know—“When in Rome…”

It has been an interesting year…I have become friends with Oprah, whether she knows it or not.  I’ve have some great new blog followers who really engage in my subject matter with loyalty and funny comments.  I am grateful to you, more than you know!  Forgive me, if my own reciprocating loyalty waxes and wanes—I am probably in the chronic bitching mood, and can’t cope with your bitter and well-traveled success!  You know who you are!

I have seen growth in my personal design business that has brought me wonderful clients, each in their own way, and great projects that have taken me down creative avenues I have wanted to try.   I thank you Judy, Deborah, Irene, Shannon, Ashley, and anyone I have failed to think of in this moment.  Thanks for paying my bills and keeping my creative inspiration flowing.

I have a design partner, now, with whom I share the clients that come through my friend’s firm.  Jenna is fantastic!  We are like-minded, and where we aren’t, she sheds light on perspectives I wouldn’t have considered, opening up new possibilities.  She also likes my boys, and they like her!  Our husbands like each other too, so it’s just been a good friendship all around.  Thanks, Jenna!

Thank you, Christina, for the business opportunities, your remarkably talented eye for design, and taking the risk that allows me to sell product to clients.  I am grateful for all of it even if when I fail to express it.  Also, thank for having a baby and showing solidarity to all of us loving, and often time inconvenienced moms and dads!  Lol…That’s for you too, Bobby!  Greg thanks you for coming to the dark side of being responsible for another human being.

My family and my family through marriage.  I can never seem to express how grateful I am to have all you surrounding me on this journey.  Although, the majority of you are not in my daily life, I feel that I am always supported, loved and understood no matter how convoluted and flakey I can be.  It is by grace alone that I have the support system of such beautiful souls surrounding me.

Jen, thank you, SO MUCH, for the teak chaise lounges.  I love them!  We love that you have come to our family!

My sister, who I miss even when she is in town, because life is busy with two little boys—and when it’s not, I am basking in the “not busy-ness, and hiding from everyone.”  Kathy, I love you—there are so many things I couldn’t have done (or do) without you.  Now…plant your feet, and let’s get my kids to adulthood so we can go to Paris!

Grandparents.  Mom, Dad, and Nana, thanks for your endless adoration for my little boys, and allowing me to count on you to care for them when I need you.  We all love you and are so grateful for everything you have contributed to our little world.

Greg, I am so grateful that you are coming home tonight!  You are my support, my “other half,” truly.  You know so much of what I am thinking that you say it before I can.  Note to self: stop thinking so much about John Hamm.  I love you! (Greg, I mean)  I don’t know how we got so lucky to find each other and know just how to grow together to make this wonderful life we have.  It is always amazing to me in a time where so many people have trouble going the distance in marriage, that we still have so much fun in each other’s company.  Maybe that’s just it—we can say almost anything to each other as long as we gauge our timing, and by god, make it funny!

Andrea…as always, thanks for getting it.  Thanks for leading me to Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Love you!

Julia…I just love you!  Thanks for the picture of your cat using the toilet.  It’s nice that she taught herself…now that she has shown you, it would be nice if she would close the door and flush!

To my circle of friends who I don’t see nearly often enough, but continue to lovingly be a part of my life.

Thank you to all the people and forces who are endlessly kind and helpful to me, from the people in Target to the vendors I deal with, sales people, and even random strangers.  For every time I get a green light and a good parking spot.  For every magical thing that happens, that I remind myself to notice, like Tony Hawk a red-tailed hawk we have named because we see him daily on our way to school.  Like the cardinals that fly through the back yard and sit in Herb, and the green lizard that visits the hummingbird feeder daily, and “Nuts” the squirrel and all his buddies that entertain me and terrorize my cat who is too slow to kill them.

Thank you Universe for everything that makes me laugh.  I especially love the commercial with the giant baby that ends up being a metaphor for the guy’s mustang. And the one where the guy is watching football on his phone.  He steps outside while watching his phone to get his paper, and a mountain lion casually walks into the house behind him like he’s been waiting for an opportunity.  You can imagine what happens when the guy goes back in the house and shuts the door.  Hilarious!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…for all of the good things in my life that I am always aware of, but not always smart enough to focus on!