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Hey Oprah!  It’s that time of year so many gripe about what with all the commercialism.  Well, I love it!  I love the decorating, the festivities, the energy, the gatherings with friends and family, and especially the threats of my children ending up on Santa’s Naughty list and getting no presents.

There is a website where you can program your child’s picture and information into Santa’s workshop.  Then Santa talks to your kid over the television and discusses whether they have been naughty or nice.  They end up on either the green (good) end of the meter or red (naughty) end.  My boys love this even though Santa kept calling Mikey “Mickey.”  That was a little tough to explain, so we just said that Santa couldn’t read, and since we live in Orlando, he probably got confused with that giant mouse.

Anyway, the leverage is AWESOOOOOMMMMEE!  Every time they don’t listen to me about cleaning up, getting dressed, or anything else that they do that gets on my nerves, I threaten to call Santa.  It works pretty well at getting them to snap to, but not as well as sharp stick in the eye might.  I don’t want to end up on child services list, though, so I stick to the weakening threats.

Looks like I—I mean Mikey will be getting another ridiculous Transformer again…I say “I” because I will get stuck transforming it.  I have threatened Michael with TJMAXX gift cards for all of his upcoming birthdays and Christmas’s since I have to play with his toys, I might as well like them!

Pierce…he’s an 80-year-old zillionaire that wants nothing.  It’s like he has lived a life of accommodated whims, and now there isn’t a whole lot that interests him anymore.  I scramble to come up with gift ideas for him.  He likes whatever he has inherited from his brother.  It could be really cheap except that how does that play out Christmas day when and Pierce has nothing to open, and Mikey is taking inventory of what he got and what he didn’t get on his Amazon Christmas list?  I am also not sure how long the naughty list threats are going to work since he has little need for Santa.

We shall see how this unfolds in the next two-and-a-half week…Season’s Greetings, All!