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Dear Oprah,

Do you ever get scared and want someone to protect you?  I imagine you have A LOT of protectors just to go into public, so I guess I answered my own question.  At our house Mikey has his little brother.  I know, it doesn’t seem possible that the little boy who was so scared of that pixel-y spider on Minecraft could become so very powerful.

In fact, he has become killer of bugs and spiders if they get in the swimming pool.  At Grammy’s one day when they were playing her pool, Mikey spotted a spider crawling along the inside edge.  I have seen this one, and I will say he’s a bit creepy.  Grammy thinks nothing of killing small creatures, so she was going to play the hero when Mikey said “Don’t do it, Grammy!  Pierce will get it!”  I was so tickled by the vote of confidence that I never did find out what actually happened to the spider.

Pierce is also the bringer of light.  By this, I mean that when they are playing in the kid room which is kitty-corner across the hall from my bedroom, he will venture ahead into the dark space and beyond to turn on my bathroom light as well as my bedroom light so that Mikey doesn’t have to let his imagination run wild with the possibility of zombies that could be lurking in the dark.  I have gone into my room and forgotten the rule by hitting the switch upon leaving only to get down the hall to hear Mikey say, “Pierce, mommy just turned the light off in her room, will you go back and turn it on?  The bathroom and hall, too.”

The latest super hero gift that Pierce possesses is being his brother’s eyes.  On the XBOX, when it’s turned on, the dashboard shows up with pictures of games and advertisements.  Apparently there was a new creepy game they were hawking, because a picture popped up of a twenty-something blond leering up at you from her down-turned face.  The eyes were whited out to add to the creep factor.  Naturally, it got to Mikey to the point that he kept asking about her and waking up in the middle of the night to come and get me to sleep with him.  Finally, his coping solution was to turn on the XBOX and then run and duck behind the sofa or out of the room and wait for Pierce to tell him if she was on the screen.  If she was, he turned off the game console, too afraid to run into her while playing.

The evil genius comes out when Mikey is hiding behind the sofa and Pierce tells him the girl is on the screen.  She isn’t usually there, but Pierce likes to spice things up sometimes.  He also likes to not take ownership of his own naughtiness.  On more than one occasion he has been punished for bad behavior, and when asked later if he understood why he got in trouble, he answered “no” repeatedly until we put bamboo shoots under his fingernails.  Then he would finally answer us, so that we knew that HE KNEW what he did that we didn’t want him doing anymore.  He’s a pretty good super hero, but he’s a little crapper when it comes to admitting he’s wrong!