Holiday Tidings, Oprah!

It has been a very long time since I have posted a blog!  I have even decided to syndicate some of my early ones since they are probably funnier than they are now.  However, we have a milestone to document!

Mikey (8 years old) finally had enough incentive to learn to tie his shoes!  He, along with Transformers and video games has decided that he wants new sneakers.  Well, when you get to his size the Velcro options dwindle, and probably aren’t as cool (although I would likely think they were classy and fabulous, I guess they aren’t loud and obnoxious enough!)   So, he finally paid attention to my fantastic teaching style and figured out how to follow my directions and tie his shoes!  He said he was the last one in his class to learn, and even though this is surely true—how would his friends know unless he told them.  If that’s the case, we need to have a different conversation all together.

Now I need to make good on my promise for cool new shoes!  I have decided after 5 years of trying different freelance things to supplement my income, it’s time to go back to work full time.  I tried designing closets, entertainment centers and other built ins, but it is a highly competitive market, and I no longer have time to try out new aspects of my career, so I am back, as of January 7th, 2015, to my tried and true!  Ethan Allen has enthusiastically welcomed me back as a part of its brilliant marketing concept!  A niche that incorporates beautifully designed and manufactured furnishings as well as all of the accoutrements of interior design.  It is and has been a marvelous platform to provide people with form and function as well as a fantastic investment in their lifestyle.  I can’t wait!  I am never a person to go back and do something again, because I always want to know “what’s next?”  However, I have such a love for this company and its philosophy that I can hardly wait to work with its wonderful product and people again!  I know…I gush…but it really is something I believe in, as I type from my 10 year old sofa that still sit like they did on the first day!

I hope to still document my children’s milestones and silliness.  And I still hope to brag about my most recent work of art, piece of renewed furniture or homemade light fixture, but if they are few and far between, pray that I am designing lovely spaces for happy clients and living the good life!

Holiday tidings and best wishes for 2015 to all of you that have been generous enough to follow my musings!  I love you all!